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A Girly Girl's Guide for Decorating Your Daughter's Room

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Interior Decoration > A Girly Girl's Guide for Decorating Your Daughter's Room
A Girly Girl's Guide for Decorating Your Daughter's Room

Children go through so many changes and phases as they grow up. So, it’s only right that their bedrooms go through changes, too. The room that you so carefully decorated for a newborn slowly changes as the year goes by and the baby grows up. Out goes the crib, wipe warmer and changing table and in come new things to suit your child’s ever-changing needs.


And once your child develops his or her personality, it’s a whole new ballgame. In fact, that’s why we are here today. You have a girly girl on your hands. She loves any and everything that has to do with the color pink, frills, lace, baby dolls and princesses. She loves them so much that she wants to cover her entire room with them. What do you do? Read on to find the girly girl’s guide for decorating your daughter’s room.

  1. 1.Communicate

    Remember that even though you will be financing this project, your daughter has to live here. Don’t just pick everything out without her input. This should be a project between the two of you. Listen to what your daughter wants. Depending on your daughter’s age, this might also be a great time to teach her about the value of money and budgets. Explain how much money you have to work with. Explain how much each part of the various projects will cost. Have her make a list of what she wants, and then go over what is feasible, and what isn’t.

  2. 2.Agree to disagree

    One of the first things that you learn as a parent – even when your child is just a baby – is that you and your child will disagree. In fact, you’ll disagree a lot. But that’s ok. Figure out a way to work together on this project. Find a way to compromise. Tell your daughter that she can pick out the paint color if she lets you pick out the furniture. Allow her to hang up her giant poster of sparkly pink ponies no matter how much you hate it. After all, it’s her room and not yours.

  3. 3.Look for inspiration together

    This project can be a great time for you and your daughter to bond. As you work together to figure out what you want to change and what you want to do in the room, you’ll be making memories you will both cherish forever. Collect home design magazines and spend time together looking for ideas you like. Go online and peruse the web together. Go out to stores to price various materials, decorations and furniture.

  5. 4.Paint

    One way to quickly change the look of a room is by applying a new coat of paint. Some good colors for a girly girl: pink, purple or even a pale blue. Take your daughter to the paint store and select a shade together. If your daughter is still at the age where she likes to scribble on walls in her spare time, make sure you select a paint finish that allows you to easily wipe off the walls. If the two of you will be painting yourselves, make sure to get plenty of tarp and cleaning equipment to keep messes at bay. If you want to get really fancy, you can use more than one color – like using one color for the boarder and one for the walls or maybe painting one wall a different color than the rest of them.

  6. 5.Curtains

    Curtains are another way you can change the look of a bedroom with relative ease. Lots of stores offer a wide range of window treatments in any style you like. You can go out to a store and pick out the frilliest, most ruffled white curtains you can find. Or, hunt down curtains printed with pictures of her favorite princesses or other cartoon character. If you are feeling extra crafty, you and your daughter can sew curtains yourself. Pick put the color and the pattern and work on them together.

  7. 6.Furniture

    If you are getting new furniture, this will probably take up a larger part of your budget. Figure out what you want to get. Will you be purchasing a whole bedroom set with matching bed and dressers? Just a bed? Just a dresser? Or maybe just a few bookcases and end tables? You have a wide range of options when it comes to furniture for your daughter’s room – it’s important to consider them all. You can shop at department stores, furniture stores, or even consignment shops. If you are looking to save money, some stores sell furniture that is priced lower because you assemble it yourself.

  8. 7.Organization

    Use this room renovation as an opportunity to help your daughter learn the importance of organization. If she has a place for all of her belongings, it will be easier to keep her room clean. Look to incorporate storage pieces into your new décor. There are all kinds of storage tools on the market – many of them just for kids. Invest in shelves, book cases and storage bins. Of course, to make this particular child happy, that storage should probably be pink.

  10. 8.Decorations

    Try to decide what you want the theme for the room to be before you make the first purchase. Create an inspiration board comprised of things you both like. This will lead you to what style and color scheme you should go for. Once you’ve decided on your theme, get creative when you are decorating the room. Select some of her favorite drawings and frame pictures of her dressed up in her favorite girly gear. Also, look beyond paint when you are trying to spice up a boring wall. There are lots of fun stickers and decals you can use on walls that add their own decorative elements.

  11. 9.Her Favorite Things

    Of course, your daughter will need certain things – like a bed and a dresser – but don’t forget the things she loves. If your daughter is a big reader, give her a reading nook with a comfortable chair and a place to store all of her favorite stories. If she likes to draw, make sure she has an easel and plenty of art supplies. If she likes to have tea parties with her dolls (and who doesn’t?), look in consignment stores and second-hand shops for antique dolls and tea sets. You will need a place to put her Don’t forget a child-sized table!


    A project like this can be a lot of work, but even more fun. Embrace the opportunity to spend time helping your daughter decorate your space. You two will create memories together that will last well past the time she is out of your house and decorating her own home.

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