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Glass Replacement Contractor Guide

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Glass Replacement Contractor Guide

Some home projects require professional service. Although we all would love to conquer any and all tasks in the realm of DIY, glass replacement often necessitates the experience and know-how of a licensed contractor. But how do you know which professional company to contact? Are there any options in narrowing down the list? Here is a brief guide to finding the perfect glass-replacement contractor.

  1. 1.Age Before Beauty

    What sets professionals apart from amateurs? Experience. When you’re looking for a contractor to fulfill your glass replacement needs, it is important to find out how long the businesses you are looking into have been in the industry. The difference between six months of operation and 10 years of customer satisfaction is huge when it comes to glass replacement. Opt to look into companies with a proven track record of success, and consistency over a number of years.


    Investigating further, ask companies about the experience of their crews. Is this company hiring a lot of apprentices? Does it boast a roster of licensed journeymen with a number of years in the industry? You want someone who has seen every kind of glass replacement job out there – that way, you know you can trust the project to someone who has done it before. Apprentices all need to start somewhere, but that somewhere doesn’t have to be your window.

  2. Take into account the accuracy and honesty of those companies who are quoting you. Were they fast and efficient, or asked intelligent questions about your project?
  3. 2.Can I Quote You on That?

    Glass replacement is a competitive industry. Everyone needs glass replaced at some time or another, and more than likely you’ll be investigating multiple businesses in your quest for the best. Get accurate quotes, estimates and bids on your project, with as many details as possible. Crunching the numbers can save you money in the long run; you don’t want to opt for the inexperienced guys in an effort to save 20 bucks when you’re running the risk of a bad installation, which causes more time to pass (and money spent!) waiting to get someone out there to fix it.


    Glass replacement contractors are used to handing out quotes on projects, and all of these companies should have no problem providing you with a quick estimate. Take into account the accuracy and honesty of those companies who are quoting you. Were they fast and efficient, or asked intelligent questions about your project? Did they give vague answers and a gray area regarding the cost? Getting quotes leaves nothing to be disputed: Know exactly what you’re getting.

  4. 3.Big Business vs. Mom and Pop

    Although a big brand-name company might have the greatest marketing campaign around, it’s always a good idea to start locally in your search for a contractor. A major cost in glass replacement from the big guys is the transportation. Sometimes this cost is factored into the bid they provide for you, and other times they tack it on at the end. Either way, having a local contractor available when you need them can save you wait time, and keep the communication lines open should you need to drive to their location.

  5. 4.Valuing the Details

    In addition to the tips above, it is crucial to pay attention to the things your glass replacement contractor options are paying attention to. Ask them questions like: What is your turn-around time? Have you won any awards or achievements in the industry? Simple questions such as these are a great way to get a feel for the company. If they are prompt in their response, giving honest and reasonable estimates for turn-around time and can show a proven track record of success, you’re on the right track.

    If you choose to go local with your search, ask your friends and neighbors about the local companies in town. The greatest marketing tool any company can earn is a great word-of-mouth reputation. That reputation is tough to get – it has to be earned one happy customer at a time. Factor these trusted opinions in your decision-making as well.

    If you pay attention to these tips and do your research, your glass replacement project will be a satisfying transaction with a trusted contractor, and you can get back to doing the things you love!

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