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Home and Yard Waste Removal Tips

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > Home and Yard Waste Removal Tips
Home and Yard Waste Removal Tips

When you begin the spring cleaning, it is so easy to find a million things that need to be thrown away, but getting rid of these things is never easy. From awkward items to hazardous waste, formulating a plan will save you time and make it easier to get things looking the way you would like. The last thing you want to do is travel back and forth to the dump if you don’t have to.


This guide provides helpful solutions to know ahead of time in order to make your waste removal run smoothly. You should check the specific rules, and visit your town or city’s website to receive the most current information for your waste and how much removal will cost.

  1. 1.Study the Rules

    First and foremost you need to know the rules in your neighborhood. While paint and batteries are always considered “hazardous” various dumps are altering the specifications to help keep the environment safe. This means you need to know how items are treated at your landfill and what the sorting rules are in order to make your waste removal go smoothly. Pre-sorting your trash will help you spend less time at the dump.

  2. If your spring-cleaning is going to yield a ton of trash and yard waste, consider getting a dumpster from your local trash company.
  3. 2.Separate Your “Dangerous” Items

    Once you determine what are considered dangerous items, sort them out before you head out the door. You can either get separate cans, bags or boxes. This allows you to pull in and work with the worker at the gate to streamline the process. You want to get the hazardous items taken care of first as to avoid spills or other damage to your vehicle.

  4. 3.Pile Your Yard Waste

    Don’t waste time bagging your yard waste as you gather it. It is easier to create a large pile and then put it into bags. This keeps you focused on cleaning up rather than dropping everything to bag every few minutes. Essentially you are creating an assembly line. If you have other people to help, assign one person the duty of bagging while another continues collecting.

  5. 4.Consider a Dumpster

    If your spring-cleaning is going to yield a ton of trash and yard waste, consider getting a dumpster from your local trash company. This can save you a ton of time as you can dump your waste directly into the canister and then the waste management facility will come pick it back up. Check your fees for how much it costs to deliver and to empty. This will determine what sized dumpster you will need to use.

  6. 5.Work with Neighbors

    Everyone wants the neighborhood to look nice and working together can save you time and money. Plan a weekend to take care of waste removal, so if you can’t fill up your own dumpster, you gather other people who can help. This saves you from having to go to the dump yourself.


    These simple steps can save time and money in the long run. You can get your home and your yard cleaned quickly and efficiently if you stick to the golden principles of waste removal.

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