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Grout, Tile and Granite Re-sealing Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > Grout, Tile and Granite Re-sealing Guide
Grout, Tile and Granite Re-sealing Guide

Tile and granite surfaces can be beautiful and durable as both countertops and flooring. With a tile surface, each tile will be separated with a line of grout. Both tile and granite require ongoing maintenance to ensure that these surfaces stay clean and attractive. Because this investment in your home is significant, it’s important to keep it clean and sealed.


With a grout, tile and granite resealing guide, you will know exactly how to maintain these beautiful surfaces in your home.

  1. The grout that fills the spaces between tiles serves an extremely important function – keeping moisture from seeping beneath the tiles.

    1.Resealing is Important

    The grout that fills the spaces between tiles serves an extremely important function – keeping moisture from seeping beneath the tiles. If moisture begins leaking through grout, the setting of the tiles could become disturbed. This disturbance can make tiles loose and cause them to move. In addition, it’s possible that the gaps between tiles can become wider, which would make the surface unleveled.


    It’s also important to reseal some granite surfaces every two to three years. You can test your granite surface to see whether it requires resealing. Saturate a paper towel and place the wet towel onto the granite surface. Allow the towel to sit for about five minutes and then remove it. If the area beneath the paper towel appears dark from water saturation, then you should reseal your granite surface. If you do not see any discoloration, your granite surface does not require resealing.

  2. 2.How to Reseal Surfaces

    Before resealing any surfaces, it’s essential that you clean them completely. Remove all dust and debris first with a vacuum cleaner or a dry cleaning cloth. After removing the dust, use a brush to clean the grout or a sponge to clean tile or granite surfaces. Work carefully to remove as many stains as possible before resealing.


    Apply grout sealant to the grout by brushing it on. If sealant spreads to surrounding tile, wipe it off with a damp cloth. Failure to wipe off the sealant may create an unsightly haze on the tile surface.


    If your tile requires resealing, you will receive these instructions at installation. Some tile requires regular resealing and other tiles do not require resealing. For example, natural stone tiles do need resealing and many porcelain and ceramic tiles do not require resealing. If you must reseal your tiles, perform the task every one to two years according to manufacturer instructions.


    Apply sealant to a granite surface by spraying it on in a light layer. After applying the sealant, spread it carefully with a clean cloth or a brush. Allow the sealant to absorb into the granite for about 25 minutes and then apply another light layer. Rub the sealant into the granite gently with a clean cloth.

  4. 3.Preventing Future Issues

    Ongoing maintenance is the key to preventing stains and unsightly issues with grout, tile and granite. Schedule monthly cleaning to remove any stains before they become so set in the surface that you can’t remove them effectively.


    With careful maintenance, you can ensure that your grout, tile and granite surfaces remain beautiful for many years.

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