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How Much Does a Gutter Cleaning Job Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Gutter > How Much Does a Gutter Cleaning Job Cost?
How Much Does a Gutter Cleaning Job Cost?

Your home’s gutters provide an important line of defense against erosion and water damage. Regular cleaning and service are important to keep your gutter system clear and in good shape. A qualified gutter service pro can fully clean, inspect and repair the gutters on your home, and provide preventative maintenance. The size and style of your house, as well as the specific gutter services you need, will affect the cost of your gutter cleaning project.

Average Prices

Building Styles

The style or type of a building may influence the height and configuration of gutter systems and the ease with which they can be cleaned. The cost of cleaning gutters on most detached homes ranges from about $100 to $300, depending on the features of the building. Single story ranch style homes typically have simple, low-pitched roofs with gutters systems that are easy to access for cleaning and service. Cape Cod style houses also feature eaves at single story height, but have more steeply pitched roofs and may include higher levels for dormers. Bi-level or raised ranch homes feature similar roof styles as a basic ranch, but are often taller since the basement level is usually above grade on at least one side, while split-level homes have at least two roof levels, perhaps with dissimilar ridge lines. Ramblers, though single story homes, may feature complex or large roof structures, while colonials are typically two or three stories tall. Service rates are usually higher for cleaning gutters on townhouses, apartments, and commercial properties, which are typically large, multi-story buildings. In any case, the height of the building, the steepness of the roof and the distance to move ladders will influence the cost of the job.


Building Height

The height of your home is an important factor in the price of cleaning and service for gutters, since they are installed at the base of your roof. Cleaning gutters on one and two-story homes can generally be done with standard ladders, but rates generally increase with the height of the home. Cleaning gutters on taller buildings may require lift equipment for technicians to safely reach their work area. Bringing in special equipment can add $200 or more to the bottom line.


Building Size

Like its height, the size of a building helps determine the extent of a gutter cleaning job. Whether your pro charges by the hour, by the foot, or by the job, the work simply takes longer when there is more area to cover. Larger buildings with longer runs of gutter and several downspouts require more time for maintenance than a small building with a simpler gutter system.


Level of Service

Like many outdoor maintenance projects, the more frequently gutters are cleaned, the faster and simpler the job is completed. Gutter cleaning contractors often assess a surcharge for working around gutter screens or guards, removing excessive amounts of debris, or clearing clogs. The extra effort could add $50 to $100 to the cost of the job, depending on how much time is required. If repairs are needed to correct leaks or other damage, the cost of materials will also be added to your total.


Cost Comparisons

Low Average High
$85 - $120 $150 - $300 $260 - $450

The features of your home and the condition and configuration of the gutters can affect the cost of cleaning. Take a look at a few examples to see how your project may measure up.

Seasonal Service: $85 - $120

  • • Home Style: Cleaning out a couple of straight runs of gutter on a single story ranch home is a pretty straightforward job for a pro.
  • • Level of Service: Keeping up on regular maintenance prevents a buildup of debris and makes the job go quickly.

Catching Up on Maintenance: $150 - $300

  • • Home Style: A home with a hip roof presents more gutter to cover, but working on a single story keeps access simple and safe.
  • • Level of Service: When cleaning has been neglected for a few seasons, it can take extra time to clear out debris and clogs and make a few repairs to sagging gutters and damaged downspouts. The extra effort and material adds about $150 to this job.

A Lot of Gutter to Cover: $260 - $450

  • • Home Style: A two-story home with complex roof lines makes this a challenging project. A pro will need extra manpower and more time than usual to get the job done.
  • • Level of Service: Even in the best conditions, a basic cleaning and inspection on a gutter system with multiple corners, downspouts, and gutter guards makes this a big job. The extra time needed prices this job two or three times higher than similar service on a home with a simpler roof.

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Regular maintenance keeps gutters clear and secure, decreasing the risk of damage to your home. Pros typically charge between $120 and $250 for regular gutter maintenance which usually includes cleaning, inspection, disposal of debris, and minor repairs. Your gutter cleaning service pro can explain what services are included in a maintenance package and how frequently they recommend cleaning in your area. The size and style of your home, as well as your location and the number of trees near your house, may affect the frequency, difficulty, and price of seasonal or periodic maintenance.

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