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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips
Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

Hardwood floors give every room a touch of elegance and an old world charm. They are available in a variety of different finishes, choices of wood, and styles. The main benefits of hardwood flooring are its practicality and decorative uses. They are strong and durable besides helping increase the value of the property. Hardwood flooring also gives better acoustics besides improving the quality of indoor air in the room or building. Proper care and maintenance is necessary to ensure that the flooring stays in good condition without any cracks or splinters which can mar its beauty.


Caring for hardwood floors is not a very difficult task and if regularly done, can extend the lifetime of your hardwood floors. Quite a few government websites even provide alternatives to chemical hardwood cleaning products.


Before applying any cleaning products it is best to test it on a not so visible spot on the floor. Besides the regular care regimen that is followed, several times a year hardwood floors will have to be cleaned more thoroughly to remove any accumulated grease or dirt. Hardwood floors with wax finishes will have to be buffed at least once every year.

    Doing things the right way when caring for hardwood floors, can go a long way in extending their useful and necessary life.
  1. 1.Vacuuming and Mopping

    It is important to vacuum hardwood floors at least a couple of times every week. This will help eliminate any sand and dirt that might have got on the floor. Also, a soft brush attachment must be used on the vacuum to avoid any scratching. Mopping should be done with a dry or slightly damp mop only because excess water or water that is left on wood floors for too long can lead to damage.

  2. 2.Using Cleaners

    Scuff marks, scratches, and white spots can be removed with recommended hardwood cleaners. Hardwood flooring manufacturers will provide instruction for care at the time of installation. So, it is advisable to use the kind of cleaners that the manufacturer has suggested for your particular flooring. The cleaner should be sprayed on rather than allowed to concentrate on just a few spots on the floor. Then, a microfiber mop or pad can be used to wipe the floor clean.

  3. 3.Ways to Safeguard Hardwood Floors

    Using carpet runners over these floors can help minimize scratches and scuff marks to a certain extent. Not wearing high heels or heavy shoes on such floors is a simple precaution that can be helpful in the long run. Floor mats near the doors can help reduce the amount of dirt that is tracked inside. Pads can be placed under furniture so there are no indents left behind.

  5. 4.Stain Removal

    Hardwood floors are prone to staying and various kinds of stains which have to be removed in different ways. For instance, if some type of gum gets stuck on the floor then putting some ice on it till the gum is frozen will make the removal easy. Using hard implements will only scratch and disfigure the surface. Stains should be removed at the earliest because if left for too long, then the only options left may be to sand down the wood and refinish the floor or replacing the affected planks.

  6. 5.Some Other Precautions

    Wax cannot be used on some type of hardwood floors. The same applies to restorers also. Hence, they must first be tested in one corner spot before being used all over the floor. If you do not know what kind of finish you have on your floor, first find that out before you proceed with the cleaning process. If there is any kind of doubt, you should seek the advice of the manufacturer or the person who did the installation for you. Surface sealed floors such as those with urethane, polyurethane, or polyacrylic are easier to care for because they are usually water and stain resistant. So, if you have such floors, maintenance might be a breeze. First, check to see if your flooring has penetrating seals or not. If you can feel the wood grain on the surface then it is likely to be a penetrating seal. In this case, oils and waxes will be able to penetrate the surface of the floor and protect it.


    Doing things the right way when caring for hardwood floors, can go a long way in extending their useful and necessary life. These tips will make it easy and effortless for you to ensure that your flooring stays in pristine condition at all times and certainly holds its own in the home that you live in.

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