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Have a Small Bedroom? 10 Ways to Make Space

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Bedroom > Have a Small Bedroom? 10 Ways to Make Space
Have a Small Bedroom? 10 Ways to Make Space

When buying or building a house, financial and other considerations often require compromises to be made regarding room size. A common result of this is that many homes have a small bedroom. A bedroom is not just for sleeping in – it is used for reading, working, watching TV, and a host of other things. While you may be able to do all these things in a small bedroom, the feeling of being crammed in a small space can lead to feeling of claustrophobia and the loss of the comfort and relaxation that a bedroom should provide.


It is not possible to increase the size of a bedroom without going in for a major and expensive home remodel. But there is a less expensive and an easy option to alleviate this problem. There are a number of tricks you can use to make a bedroom seem larger than it really is and to relive the feeling of smallness. Most of them do not require anything more than normal DIY skills and they can be done is stages as and when finance and time permit. True, you will not really have much more space than before, but you will feel like you do and that is the important thing. Below are some suggestions for things you can do to make a small bedroom look more spacious.


If you are unable to apply the following ideas, or prefer to have the room examined by an expert who can suggest alternative solutions, you will find information on interior decorating and home renovation experts in your area online.

  1. 1.De-clutter

    All rooms tend to collect junk and the bedroom is the worst of them. Take a close look at your small bedroom. What are the non-essential things in it? Remove them all and see how much more space you suddenly have. It may not be floor space, but even having an open dresser top or uncluttered bedside table can make the room seem more open.

  2. 2.Large mirrors

    Large mirrors that reflect large areas of the room give it a much bigger feel. Even a few reasonable sized wall mirrors strategically placed on different walls can make the room look much bigger.

  3. 3.Open Layouts

    Do you really need that small chair or shoe rack in the bedroom? If you can do without them, and other pieces of furniture like that, the amount of floor space you open up will surprise you. Just be careful not to fall into the temptation of putting something else in the now available area. The idea is to keep the floor open.

  4. 4.Bigger closet space

    If it is possible to increase the size of the closet or add another one, do so. With more storage space you can keep the things you need, but don’t require to be left in the open, out of sight. A closet organizer can give even your existing closet far more space to hold or contain more clothes, books, shoes, sporting equipment etc. than you thought possible.

  5. 5.Different types of beds

    A large bed is nice. But that is a luxury that a small bedroom cannot afford. It will take up a huge amount of floor area and leave the space around it looking small and cramped. Invest in smaller beds with a slim light design. Not only will they free up space in the room, they will make it also look lighter and more airy. And small beds can be very comfortable.

  6. 6.Creative storage

    A small bedroom can often have wasted space. There is space under the beds and at the bottom of the closet that often is lying idle. The space under the beds is ideal for exercise equipment or things that are needed just once on a day. Bending down to access the things under the bed may be a pain, but the extra space you obtain will make it worthwhile. And high mounted (but not unreachable) shelves on the walls will free up space below giving the room a more clean and open look.

  7. 7.Choose the right colors

    Colors can make a world of difference to the look of a small bedroom. The darker the paint on the walls, the heavier the atmosphere and the more enclosed the room looks. Select light colored paints, preferably pastel shades to make the room look open, light, and airy. Or you could look at light colored wallpaper with small light patterns or designs.

  8. 8.Ceiling Décor

    Ceiling are among the most overlooked parts of a room. But the right ceiling décor can make it look higher than it is, thereby making the room look bigger. Consider stripes or circular or rectangular designs on the ceiling to make it look higher.

  9. 9.Furniture

    The bed is not the only piece of furniture in the bedroom. There are tables, chairs, dressers, and other things in it. Just as in the case of the beds, small and slim furniture will not only free up space, it will make the room look bigger too. Light colored furniture is the best because even slim furniture will look heavier when it is dark colored.

  10. 10.Lighting

    Lighting plays an important role in how a room looks. This does not mean that brighter is better – a bedroom lit up like a Vegas casino is not a place that you will be comfortable in. But keeping the lighting reasonably bright and focusing the lights to ensure that there are no areas that are in shadow or sudden changes from bright areas to darker ones will give the room a feeling of being more open. Also think about using small slim light fittings. These can provide the same amount of light as big ones but their small size will make the rest of the room look bigger.

Some of these ideas may not appeal to you and some may not produce the results that you are looking for. Every small bedroom has its distinct problems and these usually require specific solutions. But if you are able to implement even a few of these suggestions, your small bedroom will look and feel larger than it was. And, when you consider the ease with which these tasks can be managed, that is a fantastic and uplifting understanding. Time to make this happen!


Photo Credit    |    The Design File   |    Better Homes & Gardens

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