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Health Risks from Chinese Drywall

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Drywall > Health Risks from Chinese Drywall
Health Risks from Chinese Drywall

Not too many people have heard of Chinese drywall, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Many homes are affected by this dangerous type of drywall and it has forced lots of people to evacuate and leave their homes. Hydrogen sulfide is found within the homes of those built with Chinese drywall, often producing a “rotten egg” smell. There are many different risk factors for living in a house built with Chinese drywall.


Some newer homes have been crafted using the imported Chinese drywall that may have been cheaper to build with but is definitely costing people more health-wise. It also can affect electrical outlets which hosts a whole other onslaught of problems.

  1. 1.Breathing Problems

    One of the most significant and noticeable symptoms of Chinese drywall infestation is some sort of breathing problem. As mentioned before, homes build with Chinese drywall often have high levels of hydrogen sulfide within the home. This type of gas often causes respiratory problems which can affect even the healthiest of people. Aside from asthma attacks, chest pain and other lung problems have been reported within the homes of those built with Chinese drywall.

  2. Even if you have never had a nosebleed in your life, once you have lived in a home built with bad Chinese drywall you will most likely experience one.
  3. 2.Headaches

    We understand that everyone gets headaches from time to time. But it is completely different when those headaches start appearing weekly, and then turning into daily. It is anguishing pain that most headache pills will not seem to help with. Chemicals and corrosion in the air takes a big impact on your health and your mind. Constantly inhaling the hydrogen sulfide and corroded copper straight to the brain will cause pain and migraines for most people.

  4. 3.Nosebleeds

    Even if you have never had a nosebleed in your life, once you have lived in a home built with bad Chinese drywall you will most likely experience one. It isn’t quite clear why the nosebleeds occur, but we think it has something to do with the pressure and harmful chemicals in the home.

  6. 4.Nausea and Tiredness

    The symptoms listed above caused by Chinese drywall will not feel like normal fatigue. Your body will be feeling run down from breathing all those chemicals and it will begin to show in many different ways. You may find yourself nauseas in the morning, or perhaps throwing up. Your energy levels may feel depleted and you may be taking more naps than usual. Either way, your body will not be acting like it used to - prior to installation of Chinese drywall.

  7. 5.Gastrointestinal/Joint and Muscle Pain

    hen affected by the chemicals of Chinese drywall, your body will become more sensitive all over. Stomach pain may be frequent, along with conditions like heartburn and acid reflux disease. Your body may ache on a daily basis, even if you are of a younger generation. Foods may affect you differently and your body might feel super-sensitive.


    Young children and the elderly are most susceptible to health problems from Chinese drywall. This does not mean that anyone is safe from it; the drywall itself has enough corrosion and chemicals in it to sicken even the strongest immune system. Children and pets are most at risk for more serious symptoms since some of the harmful gases float more towards the floor. Chinese drywall became a problem after 2003, when more and more materials had to be sent over from China because of hurricanes in the United States. These imported materials stamped “Made in China” were somehow passed through inspections due to the dire need of building materials. There are plenty of current class action law suits from homes built with Chinese drywall.

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