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How Much Does a Heating & Cooling Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Heating & Cooling > How Much Does a Heating & Cooling Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Heating & Cooling Installation Cost?

An efficient heating or cooling system is essential for the comfort of your home. Regardless of location, some form of climate control is a fundamental feature of every home. Prices for heating and cooling installations are affected by a number of variables-- considering them can help you plan for an effective system and a smooth installation.

Average Prices

Installation Type

Heating and cooling systems vary in their types, fuels, and installation methods. The type of system you choose will determine the materials, skills and equipment needed for installation, but in general you can expect an average heating system installation to cost about $1059, compared to $1588 for a cooling system and $1557 for a combination heating and cooling appliance.


Installations in Homes and Businesses

The size and layout of homes often differ from apartment and business facilities, requiring different types of systems for efficient operation. Installations in single-family home are often straight-forward and cost an average of $626. Planning and installing heating and cooling systems for apartment and commercial buildings can be more complex and require substantial equipment, costing about $1123 for apartments and $1347 for businesses.


New and Replacement Installations

Most home system installations are simplest during construction, when walls and floors are open and unfinished. Installing a new heating or cooling system during construction or where one has never been installed typically costs $1210. Fitting a replacement system may require the removal of old equipment or modifications to accommodate the new one. Extra considerations for installing a replacement system contribute to average prices of $1083.


Fuel Source for Current System

Natural gas, propane, oil, and electricity are typically used to power heating and cooling systems. An important factor in choosing your new system is whether it will use the same fuel as the current system or if conversion will be necessary. Average prices for replacing a unit of the same type include $1235 for natural gas, $1218 for propane, $1322 for oil and $1072 for electric appliances.


Age of Current System Age

The age of a heating or cooling system can affect the price of installing a replacement, since removal and modifications can range in complexity. Replacing a system less than 5 years old generally requires little modification unless you are changing fuels, and may cost about $814. An 8 year old appliance may cost $1127 to replace, while replacing any system over 10 years old costs an average of $1378. Old heating and cooling systems may require extensive labor to dismantle and remove, and needed upgrades to ductwork or plumbing can add to overall costs. Converting to a new heating method can be a complex and expensive addition to your project as well, since switching from radiators or ducts to radiant tubing or baseboard heat may require substantial modifications to your home.


Fuel Source for New System

The type of fuel you will use for your new heating or cooling system is an important factor of installation costs. For new installations, wiring, venting, and supply lines can usually be run easily during construction, and fitting a replacement system that can use existing connections is generally straight forward. Installing a natural gas system may cost about $1177, while other units average $1148 for propane installations, $1386 for oil, and $814 for electric. Converting to a new fuel source for a replacement system may involve several modifications to your home, so be sure to confirm whether your installer will perform or contract for any needed changes or if you will need to hire additional contractors to handle any wiring or plumbing upgrades.


Planning for Your New Heating or Cooling System

The type, age, and fuel of your existing system are important factors in selecting and installing a replacement, just as similar considerations are important in new installations. Your contractor can help you choose a system that is appropriate for your home and plan for conversions, modifications, or upgrades that may be needed for its operation.

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