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How Much Does Heating & Cooling Repair Cost?

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How Much Does Heating & Cooling Repair Cost?

Problems with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) can cause inefficient operation and make it difficult to maintain the comfort of your home. A number of factors can contribute to the complexity of repairs, and evaluating them can help you anticipate issues and expenses for the project.

Average Prices

System Type

Different types of HVAC systems have specific maintenance requirements and operational issues. Making typical repairs to a heating system may cost $107, while the average repair price for cooling units is $110. Combined heating and cooling systems may have specialized requirements and generally cost $105 to repair.


System Fuel

The fuel source for your HVAC system may influence repair prices, since the skills, tools, and materials needed vary with different fuels. Often, repairs and maintenance tasks are similar for natural gas and propane systems, costing about $117 and $114, respectively. Service requirements of oil-fired systems carry costs that average $114, while repairs to electric units may cost $109.


Current System Age

The age of your heating or cooling system may be an important factor in the price of repairs, since older systems may be in poor condition or are often more difficult to access than newer units. Repair prices for systems less than five years old average $112, compared to $123 for an eight-year-old unit and $119 for systems over ten years old. Be sure to consider the expense of repairs with the lifespan of older systems, since the unit may ultimately need to be replaced.


HVAC System Not Running Properly

The nature of problems with your system certainly play a part in the complexity and expense of repairs. If your system is not running consistently, repairs may involve the thermostat, power source, controls, or components specific to your type of appliance. Making repairs to units that do not run at all may cost $112, while fixing a system that runs excessively costs an average of $112 and the price for resolving problems with constant on/off cycles is around $120.


HVAC System Making Noises

Noises coming from your heating or cooling system can give important clues to the source of problems. Repair prices for noisy HVAC systems range from $72 to $227, since the difficulty of the job may vary from making changing filters or adjusting valves and motors to replacing substantial components.


HVAC System Fails in Certain Areas

Problems with ducting, vents, valves, and filters can disrupt the flow of heated or cooled air through your home. If your HVAC system is running properly, but is not effective in certain areas of your home, repairs may cost between $65 and $202. The type of system and delivery are important influences on repair prices, and the accessibility and condition of plumbing or ductwork will affect the time and materials needed for the job.


HVAC System Has High Energy Bills

Inefficient heating and cooling systems can drive up energy costs, but maintenance and repairs that can improve efficiency may only cost from $53 to $166. Routine cleaning and service checks for your system are important for correct and efficient operation, and repairs to valves, ducts and supply lines can prevent losses during delivery of heated and cooled air or water. The age and type of your system help determine what upgrades and repairs can improve its performance or energy consumption.


Problems with Thermostat

A faulty thermostat, or problems with its connection to your HVAC system, can prevent the system turning on and off when it should to maintain the correct temperature in your home. Repairing thermostat problems may involve making adjustments to its settings, replacing fuses or components, or installing an entirely new thermostat. Repair prices typically range from $64 to $202, depending on the nature of problems with the thermostat.


Planning for HVAC Repairs

The type of trouble you experience with your heating or cooling system is an important indicator of the severity of problems and the expense of repairs. Though a variety of potential issues may affect your system, the accessibility of controls, equipment, plumbing, wiring, and ductwork affect the difficulty of making repairs. The age and type of your system are important in determining the most effective methods for making repairs or upgrades to improve its performance.

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