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Hiring a Handyman - Frequently Asked Questions

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > Hiring a Handyman - Frequently Asked Questions
Hiring a Handyman - Frequently Asked Questions

A handyman can cover a broad range of home repair and improvement jobs, often in the course of one service call. Hiring a handyman can save time and money over hiring multiple specialists for various projects, from simple carpentry renovations to electrical repairs and plumbing maintenance. Check out the answers to frequently asked questions about hiring a handyman.

  1. 1. Do I Need a Handyman?

    Hiring a handyman service can be extremely helpful when you don’t have the skills or time to take care of home repairs and projects. Professional handymen are trained in a variety of fields and can work efficiently to complete each project safely and correctly.

  2. 2. What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Handyman?

    Handymen are available to complete small jobs around the home, whether interior or exterior projects and repairs or light plumbing and electrical work as allowed by local codes. Handymen are generally very flexible, in both skills and scheduling. While it may take several weeks to schedule service with a specialized contractor, a handyman is more likely to be available in a matter of days. Hiring a handyman can save time and money, and simplify projects by leaving multiple tasks in the hands of a single provider.

  3. 3. What Types of Handyman Services Are Available?

    Handymen possess a number of trade skills to complete almost any task throughout your home. They are available to help build, paint, decorate, renovate, install, assemble, repair, and complete any To-Do list you can throw at them. Many handymen specialize in one field, such as carpentry or drywall, or are even licensed for plumbing or electrical work, but all are general service pros that will take on just about any home project.

  4. 4. How Long Do Handyman Services Take?

    The total timeframe for a handyman to complete a project can range from one hour to several days. The time needed for any job will depend on what it involves, but a pro should be able to provide an estimate of the time required before starting work.

  5. 5. What Tools and Materials Do Handymen Use?

    Handymen are equipped with typical carpentry tools and equipment such as hammers, a drill, wrenches, screwdrivers, and paintbrushes. Most handymen have a broad range of tools, so anything from a saw to pipe cutters, drywall knives, ladders, and specialized tools may be used, depending on the scope and demands of the job. The type of service and repairs will determine the materials needed, which should be outlined prior to starting any project.

  6. 6. Do Handyman Services Have Any Hidden Charges?

    Handymen typically charge an hourly rate or set fees for specific services, such as installation and assembly. A pro will provide an estimate or quote before starting work, but it can sometimes be difficult to anticipate the time and materials required to finish a project, particularly repair or custom work. To avoid surprise charges, be sure to have your handymen get your approval for work that exceeds the initial estimate, quote, or contract.

  7. 7. How Much Do Average Handyman Services Cost?

    Hourly rates for a handyman typically range from $25 to $50 per hour for labor. It’s common for a pro to charge a minimum fee that’s equal to two or three hours’ labor to cover their expenses for small jobs, and any materials needed to complete a project will be billed accordingly. Our Handyman Services Cost Guide provides general estimates of the costs associated with hiring a handyman.

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