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Holiday Gift Guide for the Home

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Seasonal > Holiday Gift Guide for the Home
Holiday Gift Guide for the Home

As you make a holiday shopping list for the friends and family you hold dear, you’ve got plenty of options to help make the holiday bright and cheerful. While personal gifts are always a big hit, don’t forget gifts for the home as well. When gifts focus on the home, your gifts will often increase comfort and pleasure for your recipients.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency has prepared a list of suggestions for holiday gifts that will increase emergency preparedness. Although these items might not be the first things you think of when giving gifts, they can be exceedingly important – especially for people who live in hurricane or flooding zones.


With a holiday gift guide for the home, you can be sure that the gifts you give come from the heart and help increase the quality of living in the home.

  1. 1.Emergency Preparedness

    People may not have advance notice of a disaster, so it’s important to be prepared for emergencies. Give loved ones a disaster supply kit to ensure that everyone you love has some advance preparation for emergencies. A disaster supply kit should include a first aid kit, bottled water, flashlights with fresh batteries, blankets, a weather radio with extra batteries, a fire extinguisher and battery powered lamps. Imagine the feeling you’ll have if your gift helps someone survive an emergency!

  2. 2.Humidifier

    The dry air of winter can wreak havoc on skin and hair, not to mention the interior of your home. Dry air actually pulls moisture out of woodwork in the home, causing cracks and gaps where drywall meets woodwork. By keeping the humidity level in the home at 40 percent or above during the winter, you can avoid many different problems. A humidifier that works with the current HVAC system attaches to the main furnace to force air leaving the furnace through the humidifier before it passes into the home. On a smaller scale, a portable humidifier can add moisture to the air in one room – often useful during illness.

  3. 3.Carpet Cleaning

    Carpeting in a home can become stained and dingy over time. Often carpeting cleaning doesn’t make it to the top of the list of priorities, yet the carpets really need cleaning, nevertheless. Purchase carpet cleaning services by a local reputable company and present someone with this service coupon to have their carpeting cleaned. Imagine the appreciation when you help someone have their carpets cleaned!

  5. 4.Unconventional Clock

    When you’ve got someone who’s hard to shop for – the person who has everything, perhaps – consider purchasing an unconventional clock that fits a hobby or interest. Vintage music lovers might love a vinyl record clock on the wall or how about a bird clock that sounds different bird calls when the clock chimes for a bird lover? The options are almost unlimited with a clock for virtually any hobby. Perhaps a clock made from a bicycle wheel, a sundial or even a special clock with open slots where you can insert chopsticks, pencils or paint brushes to serve as the hour and minute hand.

  6. 5.Spice Collection

    Any accomplished cooks (or wannabees) might delight in an exotic or extensive spice gift collection that will breathe fresh life into a stale spice cupboard. Sometimes a new spice variation can be all it takes to add zest to cooking and give someone renewed energy to try a new recipe. Visit a specialty store to browse the spice gift collections and give the gift of spice.

  7. 6.Personalized Wall Art

    Wall art is a personal choice, but how about giving personalized wall art complete with the family name? An engraved sign with the family’s last name, listing family rules might be a suitable gift for growing families. Grandparents might appreciate a sign that announces everything that grandkids can get away with while visiting. Confirmed sports enthusiasts might appreciate personalized wall art that displays their devotion to a specific team.

  8. 7.Kitchen Gadgets

    Anyone who spends time cooking in the kitchen would appreciate a new kitchen gadget or two. A countertop mixer would streamline the cooking process, plus it looks great sitting on the counter. A wine cooler might be the perfect gift for a wine lover. Other gadgets like a garlic press, apple corer/peeler, waffle maker or espresso machine could be just the thing for the cook on your list.

  10. 8.Entertaining

    Anyone who entertains probably has a running wish list of items desired for entertaining friends and family. Perhaps a stainless steel beverage tub for holding bottles on ice or a marble cheese board for serving assorted cheeses would be welcome additions. Even a punch bowl, a stainless steel chafing dish or flatware caddy are items that a host would surely appreciate.

  11. 9.Home Storage Tote

    A soft-sided home storage tote can add beautiful organization to anyone’s home life. Fill the tote with personal care products like scented lotions and bath bubbles or go another route with home office supplies. Who wouldn’t love some new notepads, pens, stationary and paperclips to start the New Year? You could also fill the tote with books that fit your recipient’s taste to stock a reading list with fresh reading. Another idea – fill the tote with tempting snacks that will help while away chilly winter evenings. The possibilities are virtually endless once you start thinking!

  12. 10.Tea Collection

    A tea connoisseur would probably love some fresh and innovative additions to a tea collection. If you aren’t familiar with types of tea, browse a gourmet tea shop and sample various types of teas to find a few you think might appeal to your recipient. Many shops allow you to build a tea sampler by adding teas of your choice. Another idea – give a gift card to a gourmet tea shop and let your recipient purchase whatever teas are desired.


    Once you begin thinking about the many types of gifts that would serve the home and increase comfort and enjoyment, your shopping options open up wide to include many different types of items.

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