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Holiday Light Installation Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > Holiday Light Installation Guide
Holiday Light Installation Guide

We’re sure you’ve seen some of the beautiful homes that are lit up at around the holidays. Some homes only have their patios lit up, while others go all out and get extravagant lighting all over their front lawns and house. If you’ve ever wondered how in the world they can reach all those high places and make it look so perfect, we’ve got the solution for you. Hiring a professional that works in holiday light installation will not only save you from going up on the ladder yourself to hang the lights, but they can also make your ideas come to life before your eyes.


Having holiday lights can make your house really stand out and you will be sure to get all kinds of compliments. Lots of people go driving around holiday time just looking at all the houses. These three tips will help you on your quest for a beautifully lit holiday home.

  1. 1.What Kind of Lighting Do You Want?

    If you have the option, going with the LED holiday lights us a smarter choice than opting for incandescent. LED saves a lot more energy and can help to save you money as well.

    The first thing to figure out before trying to install the lights or calling a professional should be the actual lighting itself. Do you want walkway lighting, hedge/tree trunk lighting, canopy and window trim lighting, door with garlands lighting, roofline or all of the above? Figure out a visual idea in your head and when you get to the store or call someone; make sure to have colors and styles in mind as well.

  2. 2.Try and Stay Away From Nails, Screws, Hooks and Staples

    There are many different types of fasteners that you can use to install your holiday lighting, but the above mentioned are the most damaging to your home. Instead, try and use strong electrical tape or different kinds of lighting clips that are easily found at home improvement stores. Shingle tab clips are one type of fastener that can be great for installing holiday lights.

  3. 3.Yes, There are Clips Specifically for Gutters and Bricks

    No need to worry about how to decorate your gutters or brick walls. Even if they do seem tricky, there are specific clips that can work with them. For example, there are brick clips that are made of metal (heavy duty holding) that fit around the brick to hold the lights in place. They come in handy with all sorts of homes and are an asset to your growing arsenal of lighting clips.

  4. 4.Opt for LED Lights!

    If you have the option, going with the LED holiday lights us a smarter choice than opting for incandescent. LED saves a lot more energy and can help to save you money as well. They also last longer and look brighter and more voluminous than most incandescent bulbs do.

  5. 5.For a Finishing Touch

    To bring the house lights together, many companies offer some type of yard scenes as well. Having figures in your yard can really light the kids imagination up, and makes the overall scene fun! If you feel like yard objects would take away from the home, leave it out and just concentrate on the lighting that surrounds your actual house. Professionals also make timed light shows which is very cool to see around the holidays.


    If you want the prettiest house on your block, we suggest going with professional installation. It’s not all that hard to go at it yourself, just be careful when dealing with ladders. Properly hung lights should not have to be fixed up every couple days.

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