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Holiday Light Maintenance Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Seasonal > Holiday Light Maintenance Guide
Holiday Light Maintenance Guide

Once the decorations have been taken off the tree, all the gifts have been unwrapped, and New Year’s celebrations have come and gone – it’s time to start thinking about taking down your Christmas decorations. While you’re restoring your home back to normal, some of the first things that may be on your list are your Christmas lights. After all, you don’t want to be the family on your block with Christmas lights up until the Fourth of July.


In the rush to get everything done and get on with your life, it may be easy to just toss your Christmas lights into some dark corner of your attic and forget about them until next year. But there’s a better way – a way that will save you time and money when Christmas rolls around again next year. Learn all about it with this holiday lights maintenance guide.

  1. You don’t want to be the family on your block with Christmas lights up until the Fourth of July.

    1.Why maintain your holiday lights?

    Holiday lights probably won’t be the biggest monetary investment you’ll ever make, but they’re not cheap either. Anything you spend your hard-earned money on, you should want to properly maintain.

  2. 2.Fix burned out lights

    When they are not being used, store your holiday lights somewhere cool, dry and safe. Make sure they have no way to come in contact with water or moisture and that they are safe from any animals that could chew through the wires.

  3. 3.Keep your lights in a safe place

    Track lights are pretty easy for the average homeowners to mount and use by themselves. They require only a basic knowledge of electrical wiring. Of course, if you prefer not to do it yourself, the ease with which they can be installed means that your contractor is in and out of your home in no time.

  5. 4.Store your lights neatly

    Don’t create more work for yourself next year – don’t just toss your lights in a jumbled heap somewhere in your rush to be done with them. Store them neatly so that you won’t have to spend hours untangling the lights before putting them up again. Make sure the box you store your lights in is easy to find and clearly marked so that you won’t have to tear your house apart looking for them when the holiday season rolls around.


    The holidays are a magical time of year, and the twinkle of beautiful lights just enhances that feeling. However, maintaining your lights can be frustrating if you don’t do it right. Save yourself some frustration by being careful and organized about your holiday lights. The time you spend doing that will equal to more time spent with your loved ones at this special time of year.

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