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The Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Fence > The Advantages of Vinyl Fencing
The Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

When you are looking to put vinyl fencing by your home, you should consider all your options. There are some definite advantages to working with vinyl as fencing material and these benefits might work well for your home. In order to fully understand why vinyl is worth the extra cost, you need to compare it to the other materials on the market.


The Cumberland Conservation Area put together a list of things to consider based on keeping things natural; this might help you with your comparisons. The Utah government site goes over some of the concerns for all types of fencing currently available.


This is a small list of advantages that make vinyl fencing preferable to many other fencing types on the market. Looking over these points might help make the decision a bit easier for you and help you get going on your vinyl fence project.

  1. 1.Repels Graffiti Artists

    If vandals are a concern in your area, vinyl fencing is a great deterrent. There is no reason to try and graffiti a vinyl fence as it is quite easy to remove the artwork. In general these taggers want their work to last, so they stick to harder to clean surfaces.

  2. Vinyl fencing is a great solution to beautifying your home while providing separation from your neighbors.
  3. 2.Holds Up Better in Weather

    Vinyl holds up very well in moist environments. This includes melting snow in the winter or tropical weather all year round. The material does not hold moisture and does not warp over time. This means your fence will continue to look good year after year where as wood fences often must be replaced.

  4. 3.Keeps Away Rodents and Other Animals

    Nothing can build in a vinyl fence. Fence integrity is often compromised by rodents and other animals that dig into the wood to form a hiding place. With vinyl fencing the only critters who may want to set up shop are birds and it will just be a nest, nothing damaging.

  5. 4.Easy to Maintain

    Vinyl fences need to be rinsed every once in awhile with a hose or lightly soapy water. You don’t have to worry about sanding the fence due to rough spots or painting the fence yearly to maintain integrity. The vinyl stays looking good and totally smooth year after year.

  6. 5.Easy to Install

    The vinyl fencing is easier to install than other fencing. It comes in sheets that you simply put up between the buried fence posts for anchors. Fewer pieces means less construction time overall. Whether you are paying someone or doing it yourself, it is nice to get it done more quickly.


    Vinyl fencing is a great solution to beautifying your home while providing separation from your neighbors. The structure is easy to maintain and quite sturdy through winds, rain and any other weather. Vinyl fencing does not pose a fire threat and is often the perfect answer for sustained, aesthetically pleasing edging to your yard and adds a finished look to your home. There are many levels of pricing on vinyl fencing, so it is worth looking at to see if you can make it work with your budget.

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