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Home Guide to Wrought Iron Fences

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Home Guide to Wrought Iron Fences

Fences have practical purposes as well as aesthetic appeal. So, if you are thinking about obtaining or installing a fence, these are the two things you should consider. Fences are made of various materials and are available in a wide range of designs and styles. They range from the simple to the decoratively carved ones. Wood, wrought iron, wire, chain-link, iron, and vinyl are some of the materials used to build fences. Your choice of a fence will also be determined by the climatic conditions at your location as well as the kind of maintenance you are willing to carry out on your fence.

  1. 1.A Little Bit of Bureaucracy

    A wrought iron fence lends some charm to your property and can increase the value of your home.

    A permit is generally required under zoning regulations before a fence can be erected on a residential property. The kind of fences permitted for front yards and back yards, as well as height specifications will be listed by the concerned authority. You must familiarize yourself with all the rules related to fencing before you install one on your property.


    Wrought iron fences are quite popular with home owners because they are durable, practical, and decorative. Wrought iron is hand or machine forged and can comprise of solid rods, bars, and various other shapes. It is primarily composed of mild steel. They can be installed at ground levels or on top of a wall.

  2. 2.Choosing a Wrought Iron Fence

    One primary consideration when choosing a wrought iron fence would be the manufacturer. This is to ensure that there is not any compromise on quality and you are covered by warranty in the event of any defects. Seek references from friends and family who might have bought a similar product from the same manufacturer. This will give you an idea about the kind of service provided by that particular manufacturer. A truly high quality wrought iron fence will last for many years without having to be repainted or repaired. Durable fences are the ones that have galvanized steel on both sides. You should remember to match the design of the fence with that of your home. If there is a stark difference, you may have actually taken a step backwards.

  3. 3.Benefits of a Wrought Iron Fence

    The right kind of maintenance can help you keep your wrought iron fence in tip top condition. Making sure the installation is right is the first step in ensuring you have completed this task properly. You should routinely examine the fence to make sure that none of the components are damaged or coming apart. If they are, then you should check the warranty and see if any of them are covered. It is also important to protect your fence from rust. It does not take more than two years for such a fence to show signs of rust. It might be even earlier depending on the climate of the region where you reside. Using weather-resistant paint on your fence is one way of protecting it from the elements. Keep checking frequently to see if the paint has peeled in any spot. If yes, then repaint it because you do not want the rust to spread and because paint protects the metal as well as looks good.

  5. 4.Maintenance

    If you are looking for a great deal of privacy, then wrought iron fences may not be the right choice for you. This is because they tend to have rails with open gaps and this does not exactly afford much privacy. Some people also opt for aluminum fences which give a similar look for less money but this is not an advisable option. Keeping these tips and guidelines in mind when installing and maintaining a wrought iron fence should help you when you want tackle a project such as this.

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