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Home Remodels and Additions Guide

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Home Remodels and Additions Guide

When you set out to remodel your home there are many things to consider. Not only do you need to know your budgetary limitations, but you need to know your overall goals so that you don’t waste money or time. It is important to be realistic in your remodeling goals.


The Seattle town government put out a good checklist of things you should consider when remodeling. Minnesota also put together a comprehensive guide as to what adds value to your home and how to deal with contractors.


There are a few things you can do to make sure your remodel stays on track and that you get what you need done. The last thing you want is to get halfway through your remodel and run out of money or time.

  1. 1.Know What Adds Value to Your Home

    Take the time to find an experienced contractor who specializes in the type of remodeling you are doing.

    Most of the time you are remodeling because you want a change, but you should also look into what adds value to your home. If you ever think you might want to sell, your home improvements should be things that other buyers will want as well. Good investments usually include the kitchen, fancier bathrooms and more garage space.

  2. 2.Hire an Experienced Contractor

    Take the time to find an experienced contractor who specializes in the type of remodeling you are doing. Not only does this help you get quality work done, it also tends to make the work go more quickly as the contractor can work faster due to their extensive experience.

  3. 3.Check References and Look at Work

    Don’t be shy about following up with references. You should not only make the calls but request to look at a few of the remodeling or addition jobs. Getting a first hand look at what has been done gives you the best idea of what your contractor can do.

  4. 4.Work in Segments

    If you are looking at a huge remodel or room addition, consider doing the project in segments. You will be surprised at how difficult it becomes to live with part of your home in tatters. Big plans often come with an extended displacement. If you can slowly work segment by segment you can disrupt less of your life.

  5. 5.Have a Living Plan

    Make a living plan for during the remodel. You need to know what areas are going to be affected and how your house can still run effectively. You can do things like set up a stove in the backyard or put up temporary shelving so you can still cook at home when your kitchen is being done. This helps to minimize your unforeseen expenditures.


    Remodeling and adding on is a big task. The smallest job still creates dust and turmoil. The more thorough you are at coming up with a plan, the easier the transition will be. It is worth it by the end of the project, you just don’t want to be tired of it when the project is only part way done!

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