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Home Theatre Installation Guide

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Home Theatre Installation Guide

A home theater system is a common feature in most residences these days. Having such a system inside your house gives you the freedom to watch all your favorite movies like you would in a theater, without having to step out of the comfort of your home. There are numerous choices in terms of brands, accessories, and gear when purchasing a home theater system. The staff at the store will be able to guide you on which products you might require and how to install them. But actually setting up the home theater system in your house may be a different story altogether.

  1. The placement of the speakers is crucial in determining the sound quality of your home theater system.

    1.Safer and Cleaner at Home

    Though there is no need for any permits if you are planning to put in a home theater system, it might be a good idea to have it in a room which muffles sound. This will help you safeguard against the possibility of any complaints from neighbors about any noise disturbances due to having your speakers on at a high volume when watching an action movie.

  2. 2.It Only goes One Way

    The amount of wires and cables you have to connect as well as the number of items such as speakers, DVD player, an AV receiver, a TV or projector, and a HD satellite box, to mention a few that have to be hooked up can be quite overwhelming. Adhering to a few simple guidelines can help you master the installation process.

  3. 3.Speakers

    The placement of the speakers is crucial in determining the sound quality of your home theater system. When placing your speakers you must find the best spots which can ensure that everyone in the room receives the best out of the audio system. The center speaker must be placed directly over or below the television or projector and as close to it as possible. The front speakers, also known as the main speakers, must be placed at ear level and at an appropriate distance from one another. Surround speakers, meanwhile, should be positioned at least a few inches to two feet above ear level from a seating position. Depending on the room size and the seating arrangement, it may be necessary to have two more surround speakers to initiate the right effect.

  5. 4.Mounting the Television

    If you have a television that needs to be wall-mounted, you will need to find an appropriate mount that can support it appropriately. Mounts comprise of two parts—a bracket that can be attached to the wall, and a mounting plate that can be bolted to the back of the television. Both these have to be installed separately and then the television can be fixed on the mounting plate. After the television is appropriately mounted, it can then be connected with the satellite or cable box, the Blu-Ray player, and whichever gaming control you have.


    Wireless home theater systems are fast becoming the norm and changing the scene. Such systems do away with the need for numerous cables and the challenges they throw up for do-it-yourself installers. They also do away with the need for numerous components. You can also opt for automatic or manual setups for your home theater systems. In the auto set up, the speaker and channel identifications are bound to be more accurate than when done manually. Assuming some clarity of thought and applying your common sense will help you set up your home theater system in no time at all. Finally, test your home theater system before you invite friends over for a movie night.

  6. 4.Pro Referral

    Don’t have the time or the experience to install your home theater system on your own? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our home theater installation professionals. Every one of our pros are background checked, licensed and insured so that you can hire with confidence. Read the customer reviews, credentials, and business profiles of all of our pros, and let a qualified professional turn a difficult project into a completed one.

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