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Home Theatre System Repair Guide

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Home Theatre System Repair Guide

Many of us absolutely love our home theatre system. It makes our viewing experience that much more enjoyable! Surround sound and subwoofers create incredible sound quality, and the television… oh my gosh… the television is just wonderful!


However, with great entertainment comes great responsibility. Well, at least great wiring situations. Yes sir, home theatre systems can be a gorgeous display up front, with a cacophony of wires in the back – and if something goes wrong with your home theatre system, troubleshooting the problem can seem more difficult than leaving your living room mid-movie.


The first thing you’ll want to try in attempting your home theatre repair is to identify the issue at hand. There are a number of problems that are common for home theatre systems, and while you can take a stab at each one yourself, it’s recommended you get in touch with professional electricians or audio/visual technicians to ensure your repair is done right.

    ...with great entertainment comes great responsibility. Well, at least great wiring situations. Yes sir, home theatre systems can be a gorgeous display up front, with a cacophony of wires in the back...
  1. 1.My Home Theater System Won’t Turn On

    Believe it or not, this is a common problem with home theatre systems! With all the different parts and wires, it’s easy for a power connector to become detached from the wall. Ever moved something to dust behind it? Situations like that can have you accidentally yanking out a power cord without even knowing it! Thankfully, that’s a quick fix. Just check each power connector and make sure they are plugged in securely to the power outlet and the devices on your home theatre system.

  2. 2.Our Picture Quality… is Not Quality

    So you spent all this money for a high quality viewing experience and thus far it’s sub par? No problem. Try replacing the cables sending the signal to your television. First check to see that the original was attached properly. If it wasn’t, secure it and then try it out – but if the quality doesn’t change, replace it with a new cable. Cables that run to televisions are fairly easy to damage, and can require replacement from time to time.

  3. 3.No TV Signal = No Fun

    What about if you’re not getting any signal at all from your home theatre system? Don’t panic! We’ll go through each device and input you have, ensuring that all your settings are correct for the television/dish/cable box that should be delivering your favorite channels. Big home theatre systems often have multiple inputs (TV, DVD, video games, stereo, etc.) so it could just be that the settings have changed for configuring your television to get its channels. Check the connections from each device, and the settings on your television to make sure they match up to what your cable/satellite provider has requested for a good connection.

  5. 4.Additional issues

    If those quick fixes didn’t help you with you situation, or you’re needing to deal with something else (surround sound issues, no color on TV, poor sound quality, etc.) it may be best to contact professional electricians to come in and take care of the issue for you. Home theatre systems can get complicated, and it helps to have someone with experience wiring multiple things together to get the job done right.


    Ask your friends or family first about any home theater repair electricians they may know of, and find out about their experience with home theatre systems. Many, many homeowners also have home entertainment setups, and chances are a professional set them up. Ask local contractors about their experience and turnaround time. Usually it only takes a few hours for a professional to configure everything properly, barring any unforeseen problems with the power outlet and wiring in the wall. A good contractor should be able to quickly identify your problem and fix it relatively quickly.

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