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House Colors that Sell

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House Colors that Sell

It’s a buyer’s market when it comes to selling your home. A quick sale is almost unheard of in this competitive environment. Staging your property is paramount. You want to catch a potential purchaser’s eye right off-the-bat. You want to pull-in people, not drive them away.


Paint colors are at the fore, both outside and inside. There are some basic things to consider when you are readying your property for its next owner.

  1. 1.Exterior Colors

    The outside of your home is the first impression people build-upon when viewing your house.

    The outside of your home is the first impression people build-upon when viewing your house. Look around. Will the color you’re about to paint with conflict with the environment as a whole? You might think that a bright, lime-green exterior will cause a buyer to notice the place from miles away.


    What if the future owner isn’t as fun-loving as you? Maybe the family doesn’t want to live in the neighborhood’s sore thumb? They’re moving from another state, they don’t know anyone in the area. The last thing they need is the added, negative shock of color that a sparkling green house will give-off.


    You also need to be cognizant of the other homes in the area. You want to appeal without repelling.


    Here are a few matters to think about when deciding on a color:


      • What are the existing features of your home? Look at the stonework, bricks, roof color and any permanent fixtures of the house

      • Homes in wooded areas should incorporate earth-tones

      • Ranch homes can take color. White exteriors work best with Colonial houses

      • Take into account the architectural style. It may be that you’re forced to go traditional

      • Look at the trees and larger shrubs on your property. They should have a say in the choice of color

  3. 2.Inside Colors

    Living Room

    You are trying to give-off the feeling of neutrality and warmth. Bringing those two colors together doesn’t mean you are stuck with white walls. Since you don’t know what the potential buyer’s furnishings look like, it’s probably best to go with beiges, light gray or off-white colors.


    Kitchen Colors

    This area of the house requires a bright look. Colors to consider are olive, yellow and beige. The bottom line is that you’re going to need a tone that will let light bounce from the walls.


    Bedroom Colors

    Your bedroom is not a place for color experimentation. While it does play a role when staging your house, it’s not a focal-point. You want tones that exude relaxation. Use colors like light yellow, gray or olive. Obviously, whites and beiges also can be great bedroom colors.


    Bathroom Colors

    The bathroom is not a place where you want to get too splashy. Since bathrooms are usually small, you want something that gives the appearance that it’s bigger than it really is. Steer clear of dark colors. Browns, blues, reds and yellows make the area look even tinier. Go for whites.


    Overall, let the colors, inside and out, give buyers the feeling of calmness. Once you have the perfect color, you can then use a professional house selling service to speed along your sale. Home buyers want to purchase something that they can mold to their own tastes. Give them the flexibility of light colors so when they have to paint, they won’t be cursing the previous owners with every extra coat they spread to hide your handiwork.

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