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How to Avoid Unsightly Clogged Gutters

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Gutter > How to Avoid Unsightly Clogged Gutters
How to Avoid Unsightly Clogged Gutters

How many times have you had to climb up on your roof and risk your life all just to cleanse your precious gutters of annoying clutter and leaves? Unless you have some sort of magic veil protecting your home from all that Mother Nature has to offer, odds are you have been in this predicament before.


If you’re reading this article now, you must be sick and tired of having to clean those gutters of yours and are looking for that “magical solution”. Well, I have some good news for you. Continue reading for some of the best suggestions and tricks for keeping your gutters clean.

  1. 1.Out With the Old, In With the New

    Gutters that are deformed over the years by harsh weather develop a build-up of pressure that permanently dents or misshapes them. This not only makes for a very unsightly and unkempt looking house, but they also will not be able to withhold weight from too much rain or snow. This can be extremely dangerous and lead to a possible gutter collapse which can damage not only your house, but surrounding cars as well. This can easily be avoided by replacing your gutters if they look deformed. Well maintained gutters can actually last up to around 35 years, but after a bad storm it is sometimes necessary to change them out.

  2. Forget the dangerous ladder and scooper to get all those leaves out. Try investing in a type of debris-collecting vacuum.
  3. 2.Pamper Your Trees

    This may sound funny, but keeping your trees well-trimmed and pampered can really be a life-saver! Avoiding branches that may loom over your gutters or may pose a hazard to your house can extend the life of the gutters since they are less likely to get damaged in a storm. Take care of broken branches and try not to plant any extremely leafy trees near the roof of your house to minimize future problems.

  4. 3.Clean Up Your Driveway

    Not many people realize the importance of a nicely-kept driveway when it comes to saving your gutters. Making sure that shrubbery or rocks are not blocking the ways of a gutter spout is very crucial to a nice flow. Because of the cracks that can occur in old driveways, leaves and other debris can easily pile up. Take great care to make sure there are no blockages and maintain the pathway of your gutters to make for an easy dumping of any water into the nearest sewer.

  5. 4.Install Leaf Gutter Guards

    Perhaps the most effective of all gutter guards, leaf gutter guards allow water to soak through a screen while specifically being durable enough to wash all leaves over the gutter and unto the ground without any problems. Although these can be costly, purchasing them at the right time of year can be a great help. Besides, anything that helps to keep you off your roof should be looked at as both an investment and a type of life insurance.

  6. 5.Add a New Tool to Your Arsenal

    Forget the dangerous ladder and scooper to get all those leaves out. Try investing in a type of debris-collecting vacuum. There are some available on the market that specifically reach high enough into the gutters easily and are strong enough to suck any problem materials out. Research what tools can really help to keep you gutters clear and instead of doing manual labor and just scooping the leaves out with your hands, let technology do the dirty work and keep YOUR hands clean!

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