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How to Brighten Up A Dreary Yard

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > How to Brighten Up A Dreary Yard
How to Brighten Up A Dreary Yard

If the landscape around your home feels tired and worn, it may be time to make some big changes to give your yard a facelift. Don’t worry – it’s possible to make major landscape improvements without breaking the bank. You may need to spend a little time and exert some effort, but your work will be worth it.


In fact, improving your landscape can have an impact on your home’s value, states the Virginia Cooperative Extension. An attractive home, situated within attractive lot and landscape, may have up to a 15 percent higher home value. That makes all your work worth it right there!


Brighten up a dreary yard and make your landscape inviting and attractive. Not only will you enjoy it more, but the other benefits make it a beneficial project.

  1. 1.Red Roses

    A splash of color can do wonders for a dreary yard. When you want to make it vibrant without any question of the intensity, opt for red roses to add energy and zip to your landscape. Use roses for dramatic impact – either placed here and there for color or you could even use them throughout for huge visual impact. Consider adding red rose bushes along the perimeter of your yard, as landscaping along your home’s foundation or to line pathways or walkways. You might even select a climbing red rose to scale the walls of buildings or to climb an installed trellis.

  2. 2.Lemon and Orange Trees

    If you’ve got a ho-hum landscape that needs some energy and spice, consider citrus trees. As long as you live in the proper geographical region for growing them, lemon and orange trees can add a dramatic flair to any yard. Standard citrus trees may grow up to 22 feet tall but you could also opt for dwarf trees that will top out at a smaller 12 feet.

    If you’ve only got room for one tree, no worries. Citrus trees are self-fertile – they will pollinate themselves without the aid of a second tree. As long as you have warm temperatures and enough rain, you can expect blossoms, which will add a delightful scent to the air. One of the many benefits of citrus trees in the yard is that they often produce blooms year-round.

  3. 3.Yellow and White Flowers

    Make your landscape come alive with bright flower colors such as yellow and white. These energetic colors can be especially vivid against a dark background. Some yellow flowers to consider include marigolds, oxalis, yellow violets, primrose, black-eyed Susan, sunflowers and goldenrod. Some white flowers to consider include trillium, daisies, flowering dogwood, narcissus and moonflower. An added benefit – not only do white flowers provide a sharp contrast in the landscape, they almost always have a strong fragrance. The reason? Deeply hued flowers attract pollinators with their colors – they don’t need fragrances, too. Because white flowers lack color, they usually make up for it with a strong fragrance.

  4. 4.Walkway Lights

    Add lighting anywhere you have dark and dreary corners of your landscape. If you have garden pathways and walkways, line them with landscape lights on either side to illuminate them beautifully. You can also add landscape lights to flower gardens to add flair and drama. If you have a patio or deck seating area, add landscape lights to these areas as well. Finally, don’t neglect the foundation area of your home. Adding landscape lights along the foundation can anchor your home and add a beautiful touch for attractive curb appeal.

  5. 5.Cherry Blossoms

    Few ornamental trees have as much impact as cherry blossoms. In fact, the ornamental cherry blossom trees are grown just for their dramatic springtime display – not for a cherry harvest. Cherry trees can grow up to 25 feet tall and just as wide. These impressive and striking trees are sure to become a focal point in your yard during the springtime blooming season.

    You can expect blooms from early spring to mid spring. Flowers might be pink or white in color with some having single blossoms and others having double blossoms. Some cherry blossoms provide an added benefit of rich fragrance in addition to the colorful display. Generally, the flowers blossom either before or along with the arrival of the leaves. In the autumn, cherry tree leaves turn an orange-yellow color.

  6. 6.Reviving Dead Trees

    Nothing says dull and dreary like sickly or dead trees in a landscape. Not only are these trees an eyesore, they can actually be a hazard during storms because they are more likely to topple in high winds or other inclement weather. You may wish to hire a professional to visit your home if you have trees you are uncertain about. Receive a professional assessment for trees to learn whether you should remove them or rehabilitate them.


    Sometimes a tree can be rehabilitated with careful pruning and trimming in the spring of the year before the growing season begins. Assess the tree to find the limbs and branches that are dead. When you find these limbs, cut them back to the first junction where you find healthy growth. Also check the tree to locate any crossing or rubbing branches. These branches can cause wear and injury to the tree and infection can enter at these points. Cut back branches to the first junction of healthy growth to eliminate crossing and rubbing. Assess the tree for shape also and prune around the outside edge of the tree to make it neat and even. Also check around the base of the tree to find sucker growth. Suckers are new shoots that emerge from the soil around the trunk of the tree. If you find these suckers, cut them off even with the soil to remove them.


    With a little imagination and effort, you can revitalize a dreary yard and give it new energy. Your yard can go from being the eyesore of the neighborhood to being the one everyone drives by to see. Don’t forget to visit the Red Beacon website for creative tips and ideas as you work to transform your yard.

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