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How to Build a Personalized Music Studio

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > How to Build a Personalized Music Studio
How to Build a Personalized Music Studio

One of the best things about owning your own house is adding little details that make it feel like home. If you are a singer or musician and you have some space to spare, you might want to consider building your own music studio. The great thing about building your own music studio is that you can make it as simple or as complex as you’d like, depending on your budget, space and dedication to your craft.


If you have long dreamed of building your own music studio, don’t put it off any longer. Read this guide and get started today!

  1. 1.Identify the Right Spot for the Studio

    Right Spot for the Studio

    Look for places in your home that you think would be good for your studio. Ideally, your studio would be somewhere away from outside noise, and where your work won’t bother other family members or neighbors. If possible, your music studio should take up two rooms. One room would be the performance room, and the other will be for sound boards and equipment. If this isn’t possible, you can use just one room, with areas designated for each activity.

  2. 2.Figure Out a Budget

    Old CDs

    What is your goal? Do you want something professional-grade or are you just looking to have fun in your free time? This will determine the kind of money you will want to spend on this endeavor. It’s a good idea to price all the items that you want to buy ahead of time, as opposed to just buying things willy-nilly. Do a little research, and set your own priorities. Be knowledgeable about how much you want to spend before you ever open your checkbook.

  3. 3.Microphones


    The quality of your microphone will determine the quality of the music you make. Microphones widely vary in terms of price, but this is an instance where you get what you pay for. You might be tempted to buy the cheapest mic you can find, thinking you will save a buck when in reality you will just be producing a level of sound that you won’t be happy with.

  5. 4.Computer


    Another must-have for your recording studio is a computer and recording software. The type of computer that you use is up to you – however it should be equipped with a professional-grade sound card and an adequate amount of memory. There are lots of different types of recording software available for purchase. The kind that you buy will ultimately be determined by how much you want to spend and how technologically savvy you are.

  6. 5.Speakers


    You will also need professional mixing speakers for your soon-to-be studio. These speakers help you ensure that your finished product sounds as good as it can. You might be tempted to use any old speakers for the job, but it’s important that you only use speakers that are specially designated for mixing. These speakers will connect to your computer, so make sure that they are compatible.

  7. 6.Instruments


    Purchase whatever instruments you will need for your studio. Common instruments are keyboards, drums and guitars. It takes a special kind of know-how to perfectly capture the sounds that each individual instrument makes. Lots of music software comes with pre-recorded music already loaded onto it, which makes it easier for beginners to get started.

  8. 7.Soundproofing

    Wet/Dry Vacuum

    When you are working in your studio, you’ll want to make sure that no other sounds are recorded besides the music you want recorded. That means you will have to soundproof your studio. You can buy and put up soundproofing foam easily. Simply measure the space where you will be hanging the foam up, and apply it using tacks or staples. You can also use double-sided tape to apply your soundproofing materials.

  9. 8.Wiring


    Make sure your home’s wiring can handle the additional burden of your new recording studio. Make sure the room has at least one GFI outlet so that you won’t blow a fuse. If you do find that your new equipment, once all plugged in, doesn’t seem to be working or blows fuses – don’t hesitate to call in an electrician. A licensed, experienced electrician can help you figure out the problem and the best way to solve it safely. Remember, electricity is not something you should take lightly – overloaded or outdated wiring can result in fires or even death.

  11. 9.Extras


    “Extras” that you might not think about when planning for your new studio: mood lighting, chairs or even a desk. Remember, even though music is probably enjoyable to you, what you are building is still a work space. So, plan for your studio in much the way you’d plan a home office. Figure out what you need to work, what kinds of things make your comfortable and what kinds of things spark your creativity.

  12. 10.Take your Studio for a Test Run

    Test Run

    Once you’ve made all your purchases, set everything up, and have begun dreaming of stardom, make sure you test out your studio before you make your first real recording. That way, you’ll know if anything you bought is faulty, or if any of your equipment is incompatible with one another. You can also use this time to learn just how well your efforts at soundproofing work. If you can hear outside noises on your recordings, or if your neighbors start to bang on the wall and complain, then you’ll know you have to go back to the drawing board.


    It does take a little know-how, time, and money to produce a good music studio – but you can do it! Tackle the job a little at a time and you will be creating your first work of musical genius in no time!

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