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How to Clean Dog Poop on a Carpet

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > How to Clean Dog Poop on a Carpet
How to Clean Dog Poop on a Carpet

If dogs are man’s best friend, dog poop is the cost of companionship. It seems that, despite dog owners’ best attempts at housebreaking their pet, and in spite of frequent walks and lots of time spent outdoors, eventually there is going to be a mess on the floor.


Dogs offer humans a lot – love, playfulness and fun. According to the Humane Society of the United States, 39 percent of U.S. households own at least one dog. In fact, on average, most owners have two dogs.


That’s a lot of dogs and a lot of potential for smelly, germy messes. One of the drawbacks of using carpet to cover your floor is that it can act like a sponge – holding on to smells and stains. If the mess happens in a part of your home that is covered by wood, laminate or tile flooring – cleanup is pretty easy. However, doggy messes on carpet can be a bit tricky. You don’t want stains and bad smells to remind you of this little mistake for years to come.

  1. One of the drawbacks of using carpet to cover your floor is that it can act like a sponge – holding on to smells and stains.

    1.Act fast

    Don’t let the stain sit, begin working on it as soon as you see it. Fresher stains are easier to remove than set-in ones.

  2. 2.Remove the waste

    Using a plastic bag, toilet paper, newspaper or a paper towel, remove as much as the waste as you can without grinding it further into the carpet.

  3. 3.Use a stain lifter and odor neutralizer

    You can buy pet stain removers at any grocery store or pet store. You can use a rag or a scrub brush to clean the stain. Even if you have your own carpet cleaner, there are also specially designed carpet shampoos just for pet stains to consider. If you are looking for cheaper, more eco-friendly ways of cleaning the stain, you can go the DIY route. Make a mixture of half vinegar and half water, then apply it using a water bottle. Next, cover the area with baking soda. Really grind the baking soda in so that it gets all the way into the carpet fibers. When the baking soda is dry, vacuum it all up.

  5. 4.Call in a professional

    If you have a lot of pets, or just one who ate something he didn’t agree with, you may want to have your carpets professionally cleaned. A professional might be better able to get the stain completely out without damaging the carpet in any way.

  6. 5.Get to the root of the problem

    Everybody makes mistakes, but if this is a frequent problem you may want to ask yourself why it’s happening. Make sure your pet isn’t sick or allergic to his food. If illness isn’t the reason, make sure your pet knows that it’s not acceptable to relieve himself inside the house. Talk to your vet about training, he or she may even suggest doggie classes. Finally, make sure your pet is getting plenty of time outside. You may want to consider upping the number of walks you and your dog take. You might also consider lengthening the amount of time you and your dog spend outdoors.

  7. 6.Go on the defense

    When the problem becomes too much to handle, you may want to have your carpets professionally cleaned. A professional will ensure the mess is effectively removed without causing further damage to your existing carpet.

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