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How to Clean a Roof Gutter

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Gutter > How to Clean a Roof Gutter
How to Clean a Roof Gutter

Not too many people realize the importance of cleaning out the gutters for your roof. We know that if gutters remain clogged, this can eventually lead to roof damage and leaks inside the home. Once you have a leak, ceiling damage can occur – as well as moldy framework and insulation inside the walls. This problem can easily be avoided by preventing your gutters from becoming clogged in the first place.


Cleaning gutters is pretty easy unless you have neglected doing it for a long time and build up has occurred. Otherwise, it should be relatively easy to get your gutters clear and working again in no time. If you don’t feel like climbing up on that ladder again, there are many professionals in roofing that offer gutter cleaning services. Don’t risk your health if you don’t have to, it doesn’t cost all that much to hire someone and they will do a much more efficient job at cleaning since they have the correct supplies.

  1. 1.One Solution: Gutter Guards

    We know that if gutters remain clogged, this can eventually lead to roof damage and leaks inside the home.

    Gutter guards are basically shields that easily slip underneath shingles and protect your gutters from debris. They are extremely low cost to buy in pieces at home improvement stores and install yourself, but if you choose to get them professionally installed you may find yourself spending a lot more than you have to. Gutter guards are helpful tools for keeping everything working correctly on your roof and the gutters clear of blockage.

  2. 2.If Your Home is Surrounded by Trees

    If you find that your home has more than the average amount of foliage, you may be in for a tougher time with your roofs gutters. If you find that you have a lot of falling leaves to deal with, you should be cleaning out your gutters at least two to four times a year. Tons of leaves are always dropping when fall comes around, along with bigger debris such as acorns or crab apples. Strong wind storms can easily take branches off of trees, so that is one major danger that you need to look out for. Your gutters will be more filled with leaves if you live in a windy area that is often blowing them unto your roof.

  3. 3.Once a Month, Is it Necessary?

    Unfortunately if you live in an area that has harsher weather and has lots of trees planted nearby, you may find yourself needing to climb up there at least once a month to refrain from your gutters acquiring too heavy of a debris build-up. Many homes, if not maintained properly, will experience gutter damage and roof leaking if gutter clean-up is not kept up to date.

  4. 4.What Happens When My Gutters Are Clogged?

    A number of things can happen once your gutters have become clogged. One of the first things that occur is that after the debris fills up – rain water will begin to wash down the sides of your home instead of being directed into the nearest sewer. Believe us; you do not want standing water near your home. It is not only hazardous but can become quite smelly and irritating after not being disposed of properly. Another easily avoided danger is the possibility of a gutter collapse, which could send a downpour of water on whatever may be nearby. Your roof can also become damaged from the buildup of water and develop dangerous leaks that can ruin parts of your home.


    Unclogging gutters is extremely important if you want to maintain your roofs health, and if you are not in the shape to do it – hire a gutter cleaning professional. Cleaning your roof gutters isn’t hard – it’s just time consuming and dangerous at times (depending on severity).

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