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How Do I Find a Good Flooring Pro?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Flooring > How Do I Find a Good Flooring Pro?
How Do I Find a Good Flooring Pro?

There are many reasons why you might need to redo the flooring of your home. Normal wear and tear can lead to scuffed and damaged floors. Flooding or damp can warp floors and make them unsightly. You might have decided to have the wall to wall carpeting removed for good and replaced with wooden flooring to reduce dust related allergies, or at least some of the carpeting. A well installed floor that is easy to maintain can enhance the appearance of a home and is a god way to add to its value.


The flooring is one of the most important aspects of a home. It can add to the elegance of the home by being lain in a great design, prevent the cold from seeping in, and ensure that each room is relatively noise proof. Flooring needs to be selected depending on the purpose of the room, for instance your basement gym or washing machine room will need different flooring compared to a bedroom for example.

  1. 1.Importance of Finding a Marvelous Flooring Pro

    As the flooring of your home can be expected to be a long-term feature and expensive to install, it is vital that you choose a dedicated flooring pro. This will ensure that you get proper returns for the money spent on flooring. A fantastic and remarkable flooring pro will be able to offer suggestions of design and flooring material ensuring that you get the maximum bang for your buck. An experienced flooring pro will also ensure that the new flooring installed lasts longer without becoming warped, chipped, or otherwise damaged.

  2. 2.Characteristics of a Genuine Flooring Pro

    A solid flooring pro should be able to offer at least three written references from satisfied customers. Moreover, a reliable flooring pro will provide design and material suggestions after studying your needs and budgetary constraints. A flooring pro who has been around the block a few times will offer a written warranty for the quality of service offered and be ready to stand by the work they do. Besides, a superb flooring pro will have up-to-date workmen’s insurance and own all the equipment needed to complete the task. A flooring pro whose reputation precedes them will commit to a firm schedule for the work to be done, instead of making a vague promise.

  3. 3.Signs of a Bad Flooring Pro

    A flooring pro who is not impressive will offer a bid without seeing your home or trying to understand your requirements. Besides, a sloppy flooring pro will push a single material such as wood as flooring for the entire house instead of asking you about the intended use of each room. An unreliable flooring pro will not be able to provide proper references, proof of workmen’s insurance, or a written warranty for the quality of installation.


    If they do not have pictures on their smart phone of previous jobs that they can point to that they completed on time and with acumen, perhaps they are not the ones or the person you should allow to undertake this considerable home investment and improvement project. If not their smart phone, their Facebook page, website, or even if they can provide you with some poignant and insightful references that reside in the area.

  4. 4.How to Spot a Fair Flooring Pro Bid

    Once you obtain bids from a few flooring pros you will need to select the fair bids before signing a contract for the flooring work. A fair flooring bid will have itemized amounts for the various costs involved such as the cost of floor tiles, wooden tiles, and labor. This will also enable you to crosscheck the costs against those quoted on the Internet or at the local hardware store. A fair flooring pro bid will include some profit margin for the pro apart from the cost of covering cost of workmen’s insurance and the warranty.

  5. 5.Crosscheck Online Flooring Pro Reviews

    Before you actually sign a contract with a flooring contractor you should crosscheck their online reviews as well. When searching for comments about your selected flooring pro make it a point to look for both negative and positive comments. Assess the comments to ensure that they are reasonable because some hard to please customer might have had unreasonable expectations. Also, check that the proportion of negative reviews is minimal compared to the positive ones. Look for comments about the durability of the floors laid by the flooring pro and the quality of after sales service offered as well.

  6. 6.Find a Flooring Pro with Redbeacon

    While it is possible for a home owner to locate a marvelous flooring pro on their own it can be time consuming and involve a lot of crosschecking of references, price lists, and online reviews. You will also have to evaluate the bids to ensure that they are fair before selecting one. Instead, you can save time and effort by using the services offered by Redbeacon. By taking as less as 30 seconds to fill Redbeacon’s online form with your requirements for a flooring pro you will be able to receive four bids.


    Redbeacon will match your requirements against its database of registered flooring pros and ask four of them to submit bids. Redbeacon will ensure that these flooring pros are available to work as per your schedule. Redbeacon will also crosscheck their online reviews and verify their willingness to provide quality service before forwarding the bids to you. All you have to do is select one of the flooring pros and sign the contract for the work to start according to the predetermined schedule. Once the work is completed, Redbeacon will wait for 24 hours to receive your feedback before making the payment to the flooring pro from your account.

Selecting a sterling flooring pro involves picking someone who is knowledgeable about floors, willing to provide a terrific service, adheres to their schedules, and meets your budget constraints as well. This can require you to cross check references, online reviews, verify the cost of material and labor, and ensure that the flooring pro has the required workmen’s insurance.

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