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How Do I Find a Good House Cleaner?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > How Do I Find a Good House Cleaner?
How Do I Find a Good House Cleaner?

When life crowds out the details that you need to take care of, it’s time to hire out and pay someone to do the job instead. Housecleaning can be one of these tasks that you find you just don’t have time to do. Instead of living in disorder and mess, hire a housecleaner to help you maintain order in your home and keep it tidy.


By hiring a good housecleaner, you’ll be certain to have a professional worker who will work diligently to deliver quality services.

  1. 1.Importance of Finding a Great Housecleaner

    While you obviously want to find a good housecleaner to ensure that your home is clean, there are other reasons why it’s important to find a high quality housecleaner, too. When you place your trust in a housecleaner, you want to eliminate concerns and worries about your home’s cleanliness from your daily thoughts. A good housecleaner’s responsibility and reliability will enable you to concentrate on other duties while your home receives the regular maintenance it needs to stay safe and healthy for your family.

  2. 2.Characteristics of Good Housecleaner

    As you interview and consider different housecleaners, evaluate each to notice whether the housecleaner has characteristics of a professional. A professional housecleaner will portray a responsible and respectful demeanor as you converse and speak. Although you might feel tempted to try a housecleaner without extensive experience, thinking you can save money, this is not always worth the risk. A less experienced housecleaner may not have the skills and tools necessary to provide high-quality work.

    The housecleaner will dress neatly and appropriately and exude confidence and professionalism. The housecleaner will reply to emails and voicemails in a prompt and professional manner. The housecleaner will own tools and cleaning equipment to make it possible to clean your home thoroughly. The housecleaner will examine your home to provide you with a bid for cleaning. The housecleaner will also possess liability insurance against any damage that could occur to your home as a result of the housecleaner’s actions. As you speak with the housecleaner, you should hear a confidence in abilities and a desire to provide cleaning assistance with your home.

  3. 3.Signs of a Bad Housecleaner

    A bad housecleaner usually becomes obvious within a short time of speaking with a person. A bad housecleaner may arrive late to an interview appointment. A bad housecleaner may dress in sloppy or dirty clothing, not portraying a professional appearance. A bad housecleaner may not have a list of references to provide you to prove past experience and satisfied customers. A bad housecleaner may have a wide-open schedule because other people have not retained the housecleaner’s services. A bad housecleaner may not possess liability insurance, necessary for protecting you against financial loss from accidents.

  4. 4.How to Spot a Fair Housecleaner Bid

    After speaking with several housecleaners, it’s time to receive bids from housecleaners to ascertain which housecleaner will provide the services you need at a price that fits your budget. The bid should include concise details about the entire housecleaning service the professional will provide. The regularity of service, the days, the time spent cleaning, the parts of the home under the housecleaner’s responsibility, an exact description of the housecleaning services performed, the products used for housecleaning, who will provide the products, the tools used for house cleaning, who will provide the tools and a complete breakdown of the services and the price for each service. Incomplete bids or bids that do not include all information will not give you enough information to accurately assess the services the housecleaner would provide.

    Once you receive these bids, compare them carefully to find the housecleaner’s bid that fits your needs and budget most precisely. Remember, the lowest bid isn’t always the best bid. It may be wiser to accept a bid with a more moderate price.

    To learn more about the price of hiring a professional housecleaner, see our article on House Cleaning Service Costs.

  5. 5.Crosscheck Online Housecleaner Reviews

    Housecleaners should be able to provide you with a hefty set of references to verify experience, ethics and skills. Require that each housecleaner you consider gives you three references. Once you have this information, call the references to speak with either former or current clients. Ask precise questions about the services provided, the quality, the timeliness and the professionalism of the housecleaner. If possible, ask if you could view the work of the housecleaner so you can compare it to your own home. This might give you useful information about whether the housecleaner is up to the task and would be able to provide high quality cleaning services that fit your needs.

    Check the housecleaner’s reputation as well. Enter the housecleaner’s name or company name into an Internet search engine to see if you find any important information regarding dissatisfied customers or legal issues. You might also contact your local Better Business Bureau to see whether a housecleaner has any complaints registered by dissatisfied clients.

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