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How Do I Find a Good HVAC Pro?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Heating & Cooling > How Do I Find a Good HVAC Pro?
How Do I Find a Good HVAC Pro?

Your heating and air conditioning system makes or breaks your comfort level in your home. Not only will you be uncomfortable physically if your furnace or air conditioner doesn’t work properly, your wallet may also be uncomfortable due to excessive expenses in running a faulty system.


When you need to hire a good HVAC pro, there are specific qualities to check for and research to ensure that you hire the best professional for the job. The City of Concord, Massachusetts, provides informative and helpful guidelines for hiring an HVAC professional.


Because you rely on the expertise and knowledge of a HVAC pro, don’t skimp in this hiring process. Choose the best person to get the job done.


  1. 1.Importance of Finding a Great HVAC Pro

    A great HVAC can mean the difference between a comfortable home with adequate heating and cooling and one that stays too warm or too cold depending on the season. A top-notch HVAC pro will deliver reliable service that you can trust at a competitive price. A great HVAC pro will provide responsible service in the agreed-upon manner, delivering services promised until you are satisfied with the quality of the work. A great HVAC will also stand behind his work, guaranteeing the quality to ensure you’re happy with it.

  2. 2.Characteristics of Good HVAC Pro

    A good HVAC pro will have all licensing and certifications necessary for your locality. Different states and locales have different requirements for HVAC contractors. Ensure you know what’s required where you live and then ensure that any HVAC pro you consider adheres to these requirements.

    A high-quality HVAC pro should have liability insurance, according to state insurance requirements. The requirements of each state vary, depending on type of license and the HVAC contractor’s status. Even if state requirements do not stipulate liability insurance, a good HVAC pro will have voluntarily purchased liability insurance to protect customers. Ask to see verification of liability insurance when you interview a HVAC pro.

    A quality HVAC pro will have a comprehensive list of references that he’s willing and ready to share with you. A quality HVAC pro will also have a standard contract that lists all conditions, terms and warranties clearly for your information. Ask to see the contract prior to hiring a HVAC pro to ensure that the contract is appropriate.

  3. 3.Signs of a Bad HVAC Pro

    A HVAC pro that does not conduct himself ethically or professionally will probably make himself known quite quickly. As you interview the professional, he may dismiss your questions and concerns without answering them completely. The pro may not have a contract for service, instead relying on oral promises. The pro may also require that you make a full payment up front before service begins instead of creating terms that enable you to pay after service is rendered to ensure that you are happy with the service.

  4. 4.How to Spot a Fair HVAC Bid

    A fair HVAC bid should include all work to be done in minute detail. Make sure every specification of the work is completely written out. The HVAC pro should sign and date the bid to indicate that he approves the price and submits it formally to you. Once you have at least three bids from HVAC pros, compare them carefully to see which one delivers the most comprehensive work at a competitive price. It’s not always a good idea to select the lowest bid as a matter of course. It’s often necessary to pay a little more for higher quality workmanship and service. If the bid has small text or unclear language, ask specific questions to ensure you understand the intent of the bid. A fair HVAC bid will not require payment in full up front before service begins. Rather, a fair HVAC bid will stipulate a partial payment before service begins to retain the services of the professional. Then, after services are rendered and the customer’s satisfaction is ascertained, the pro will collect the remainder of the payment.

  5. 5.Crosscheck Online HVAC Pro Reviews

    Before you sign any contracts or pay even one penny to anyone, receive a minimum of three references for each professional you are considering. Speak with each reference to ask pertinent questions about the quality of service and workmanship. Ask to see evidence of work performed, if possible. Ask about the serviceperson’s punctuality, professional conduct and personal service. Check with local authorities as well to see whether any complaints or issues are connected with the service person’s name or business. Ascertain the professional has all required licenses and permits as well.

  6. 6.Find an HVAC Pro with Pro Referral

    Take the uncertainty and hassle out of finding a HVAC pro, by leaving it up to Pro Referral. With a simple visit to the Pro Referral website, you can provide every pertinent detail that is relevant to your home and your HVAC needs. Pro Referral makes this an easy process by simply submitting a request on the website. Once Pro Referral receives your request, the team will begin the process of finding you the perfect HVAC professional who will fit your needs and budget. You’ll get competitive quotes from different professionals and you can assess and analyze each one to choose the one that fits your needs the best. Once you choose your desired HVAC pro, move through the process by booking the services right on the Pro Referral website. You can also rest assured that you’ll be satisfied with the workmanship of the HVAC pro because Pro Referral backs the entire process with a comprehensive guarantee. Another great option is to have your HVAC installed through Home Depot Services.

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