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How Much Does an Office Remodel Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > General Contracting > How Much Does an Office Remodel Cost?
How Much Does an Office Remodel Cost?

Remodeling a home office can improve comfort and productivity, as well as add value to your house. The size and condition of your office can help predict the complexity of a remodeling project, and the features and upgrades you select for the space will contribute to the overall cost of the job. Your designer or contractor can help you plan features and finishes that will create a functional and attractive space, whether for personal or commercial use.

Average Prices


Changing the flooring in your office space to a practical and attractive material can help complete the new look of the room, but can also simplify maintenance in high traffic areas. Installation requirements and techniques vary with different flooring options, so the condition of the sub floor and the difficulty of removing old material may affect the cost of the project. Flooring installation rates range from $483 to $1307, so discuss with your contractor how preparing for your chosen floor material may affect the price of the job.



Painting an office space is a simple way to make a dramatic design change, though the condition of walls and your choice of paints and finishes may contribute to costs. Painting rates fall between $214 and $658, depending on the level of preparation required and whether your contractor will apply any special finishes or paint the trim and ceilings, as well as walls.



Updating the moulding in your office can enhance or change its character, whether to create a relaxed and casual tone or an elegant and formal atmosphere. Trim and moulding installations typically cost between $377 and $934, since the skill, time, and equipment needed for the job will vary with the intricacy of your trim design. Replacing existing door, window, and base trim with a new style is generally straightforward and economical, while adding special elements such as crown moulding, wainscot or custom milled pieces may come at a higher cost.



Lighting improvements in your home office can increase productivity and comfort for you as well as your clients and visitors. The scope of your lighting installation will directly affect the cost of the project, which can range from $94 to $364. Replacing existing fixtures is generally simple and inexpensive, while making wiring change to move or add fixtures and switches can be a complex process. The ease with which your electrician can access your home’s wiring and electrical panel will influence the difficulty and expense of this aspect of your remodel.



Upgrading or adding windows to your office can improve the appearance, efficiency, and lighting of the space, and can make a significant design change. Installing windows may cost from $429 to $1507, with rates typically influenced by the preparation needed for the job. Replacing existing windows with similarly sized units is usually uncomplicated, while placing a window in a new location or enlarging an existing opening can be labor intensive and time consuming. Repairs to your home’s exterior siding and trim may also add to the cost of the project.


Built-In Furnishings

Efficient and organized work and storage space is an important feature of a well-planned office. Built-in cabinetry and work stations can maximize the space in a room and simplify storage and furniture placement. The expense of installing built-ins may vary with the size, style, and quality of furnishings, though installation rates average $214 for shelves and $462 for desks. Since preparation and skill requirements vary with custom-ordered, ready-to-assemble (RTA), or built on-site units, your contractor can help you determine how your choice of furnishings may influence the cost of installation.


Room Size

Whether a small room converted from another purpose, or a sizable space intended for business use, the overall size of your office area can be a good indicator of remodeling costs. Though the condition of the room and the specific features installed during a renovation will directly impact costs, average remodel rates vary from $872 for a 200-300 square foot space to $1238 for 300-400 sq. ft., $1557 for 400-500 sq. ft., $2038 for 500-600 sq. ft., and $2961 for a 600-700 area.


Planning an Office Remodel

Remodeling your home office creates an ideal opportunity to make attractive and functional upgrades. From purely aesthetic elements to practical work stations and storage solutions, the features you select will combine with the condition and size of the room to determine the cost of your project.

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