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How to Find a Good Bathroom Remodeler

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Bathroom > How to Find a Good Bathroom Remodeler
How to Find a Good Bathroom Remodeler

There are many bathroom modelers out there who will do shoddy work and cheat you out of your hard earned money. To help you out, here’s a small guide on how to find a good bathroom remodeler.

  1. 1.Importance of Finding a Good Bathroom Remodeler

    A legitimate bathroom remodeler is very important. He (or she) will be designing your new bathroom, which you will probably be using for the next several years. He will also be in your home for the several weeks working on your bathroom – you don’t want to let a person you don’t like into your home.


    With good bathroom remodelers, you know you are getting your money’s worth. They won’t try to cheat you out of your hard earned money, they will use all the right materials and they won’t slack off on the job. If you are going on a vacation, your remodeler will work unsupervised on your bathroom. You want a guy you can trust.

  2. 2.Characteristics of a Good Bathroom Remodeler

    So, after talking to your family and friends and surfing through the internet, you’ve located yourself half a dozen bathroom remodelers in your area, and now you’re unsure on whom to hire. First, you should conduct an interview with each one. An outstanding or at least dependable and solid bathroom remodeler will arrive a time and will be dressed professionally.


    He will be polite and will be knowledgeable about the job. He will listen to your concerns and provide you with a solution to your bathroom-related problems. Because remodeling a bathroom can take a while, you will have to be in touch with your remodeler for a long time. You may have to visit the bathroom being remodeled at least once a day, so you need a remodeler who can build a rapport with you and who won’t mind answering your calls, texts, or emails.

  3. 3.Characteristics of a Bad Bathroom Remodeler

    There are many, many bad bathroom remodelers out there. It’s easy enough to spot a bad bathroom remodeler if you know what you’re looking for. A bad bathroom remodeler may not dress professionally and may not arrive on time. You don’t want to hire a bathroom remodeler who can’t communicate with you properly, so don’t hire remodelers who don’t pick up your calls or answer your texts.


    A bad remodeler, even if he is a fantastic workman himself, may delegate the work to sub-contractors. These sub-contractors are usually inexperienced and will probably do a pitiful job on your bathroom. An anemic contractor will make several last minute changes and may rework the contract in his favor. He may use low grade material and will concentrate on making your bathroom look good, ignoring structural strength.


    You also need to check whether your remodeler has a license to operate and has some experience at the job. Does your contractor have insurance? If not, you could be paying for his hospital bills if he gets himself injured on the job. Is your contract favoring him? Is the remodeler making last minute changes to the contract? Is the remodeler working on other remodeling jobs that are taking him away from yours? If your remodeler is amazing, but very popular, he won’t be able to dedicate adequate time to working on your bathroom.

  4. 2.How to Spot a Fair Bathroom Remodel Bid

    The easiest way to get a fair bathroom bid is to taking bids from several remodelers at once, inspecting them minutely and then isolating the bid that seems right. The right bid is not necessarily the lowest – good remodelers don’t come cheap and they will use high-quality (and perhaps environmentally friendly) materials for the job, so the bids they make will be higher. Bids that are two low are always suspect. Check the quality of the material that is listed in the bid – it will probably be low grade. If the material used is high grade and way below market price, it’s almost certain that that particular remodeler is a fraud.


    You want to choose a bid that looks out for your interest as well as the interest of the remodeler.


    Some remodelers will sign a contract, tinker around with your bathroom for a while (to avoid a criminal charge if they are ever caught) and then vanish, taking your money with them.

  5. 5.Crosscheck with Online Remodeler Reviews

    So you think you’ve find the perfect remodeler? Before hiring the remodeler, be sure to check out any online reviews he may have garnered in the past. If the reviews are generally positive, chances are you’ve found yourself a competent remodeler. Go ahead and hire him. If there are too many negative reviews, don’t hire him (1 to 2 perhaps is forgivable because some people just like to complain but 5 or so from completely different people, that is a trend you do not want any part of). He may have you fooled, just like the countless customers he has fooled in the past. If there are no negative reviews, the reviews are probably rigged. You want to be wary of such remodelers.

Finding a tremendous bathroom remodeler, they say, is as difficult as finding a special girlfriend (or a boyfriend). Luckily, the RedBeacon service can help you locate and hire the perfect remodeler in quick time and for a reasonable price.


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