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How to Find a Good Kitchen Remodeler

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Kitchen > How to Find a Good Kitchen Remodeler
How to Find a Good Kitchen Remodeler

When you’re sure you’ve cooked the last meal you can tolerate in your tired and dated kitchen, it’s time to open the door to some new and innovative kitchen design directions. Armed with some new ideas, your new kitchen can quickly take shape.


Of course, unless you’re a professional carpenter or designer, the actual work of remodeling your kitchen is probably best left to the experts. This means that your next job is finding the professional who will understand your vision and make it happen. No easy task, that’s for sure.


On your quest for a good kitchen remodeler, leave no stone unturned. Your hard work in finding the perfect professional will pay you back richly in the years to come as your kitchen remains beautiful and user-friendly.

  1. 1.Importance of Finding a Great Kitchen Remodeler

    Homeowners with standard do-it-yourself skills may have the ability to tackle many home-improvement projects, but when work in the kitchen is involved, a professional is a must. An expert remodeler will have the skills necessary to work with gas appliances and the complicated piping installation that accompanies these appliances. Even if you don’t have gas appliances, the electrical and plumbing work is also best left to the professionals to avoid potentially serious mishaps. It’s possible that once you begin tearing out the old kitchen you’ll find some unpleasant surprises, such as plumbing problems and mold. If this occurs, a skilled professional will have the issues in hand. Don’t forget – those cabinets you drooled over and had to have need skilled installation, too. This is not a job for an amateur.

  2. 2.Characteristics of a Good Kitchen Remodeler

    Skills and experience are two key characteristics of a high-quality kitchen remodeler, but there’s more to consider in this remodeling process. Find out what types of memberships and certifications any kitchen remodeler has – the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and National Kitchen and Bath Association are two main associations to ask about. Remodelers with memberships will need to meet high standards to maintain memberships. Chat with any remodeler you’re considering to get a sense of his style and design flair because a savvy remodeler can make magic happen in a kitchen remodel.

  3. 3.Signs of a Bad Kitchen Remodeler

    Keep your eyes wide open as you interview and consider remodelers. If a professional does not keep appointments or follow through with promises, this indicates that the professional may not be trustworthy. In addition, it’s unorthodox for a professional to require prepayment for work not yet completed. If a remodeler shows you a contract that requires prepayment, keep looking for someone else who is willing to do the work first and wait to be paid until you’re happy with it. Take the time to check references and information available through the Better Business Bureau as well. A low-quality professional may have some unsavory clues you can uncover with a little detective work.

  4. 4.How to Spot a Fair Kitchen Remodel Bid

    Get at least three bids for your kitchen remodel to give you the chance to compare estimates. As you request estimates, make sure you give each professional the same criteria and information about the work to ensure that the bids you receive are comparable.


    A fair kitchen remodel bid will be in writing and it should have a concise, itemized list of every charge, including materials and labor. The professional should submit the bid to you in a timely fashion and it shouldn’t be either extremely high or low. A high bid suggests that the contractor is busy and will only make himself available if you pay a premium price. A low bid suggests that the contractor is either inexperienced or desperate for work. The possibility of unexpected additional charges during the remodel process is also likely with a low bid.

  5. 5.Crosscheck Online Kitchen Remodeler Reviews

    Reviews and references are an effective way to learn about a kitchen remodeler’s experience and workmanship. The Internet is a valuable resource for researching and vetting a contractor. Ask the contractor if he’s ever used a different name for construction work and cross-check these names on the Internet and through the Better Business Bureau to find all pertinent information about the professional.

    Call references to speak with prior clients. If you can visit the sites where the contractor has worked, do so. If you cannot visit, ask for before-and-after pictures to see examples of the contractor’s work and skills. Ask specific questions about how the contractor and his team worked to ensure you’ll be satisfied with the workmanship and work style.

  6. 6.Find a Kitchen Remodeler with Redbeacon

    If the hiring process is proving more than you wanted and you need some help, visit Redbeacon for valuable hiring assistance. Submit a work request, detailing the kitchen work you need and your budget, and Redbeacon will compile a list of professionals recommended for the job. After examining each one, choose the expert who fits your budget and project and Redbeacon will handle the rest of the project. When your kitchen is finished, pay Redbeacon and you will enjoy the assurances of a strong satisfaction guarantee that ensures your happiness with your new kitchen. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll enjoy by working through Redbeacon, skipping the stress over references and workmanship with the contractor.


    If it’s time for a new kitchen, remove the worries and replace them with confidence and excitement about a new and improved food prep and dining area in your home.

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