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How High Should I Hang My Chandelier?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > How High Should I Hang My Chandelier?
How High Should I Hang My Chandelier?

Nothing says opulence and elegance like a beautiful chandelier hung in just the right spot in your home. Now that you’ve found the chandelier of your dreams, the next step involves hanging it for the world to see. Remember, the whole premise of a chandelier is to showcase not only the light fixture but the entire room it illuminates.


With this purpose in mind, the height you should hang your chandelier becomes a point of great importance. Hang the chandelier too high or too low and you lose the effect because the light doesn’t have the right distance to travel. There are a few other factors to consider as well, such as the size of the room, the size of the ceiling and the flow and furnishings in the room.


Once you iron out the details and make your plan, you’ll be ready to hang your new chandelier at the ideal height for your room.

  1. 1.Dining Room

    Over the dining room table is the ideal spot for a chandelier. When this is the plan, make sure you select a chandelier that will work with your dining room table. For optimal effect, the chandelier should be about 1 foot narrower than your dining room table. The distance between the chandelier and the walls of the room should be a minimum of 4 feet as well.

    Once you determine the correct size of the chandelier and you find the right one, hang it so that it’s between 30 and 34 inches above the table if your ceiling is a standard 8 feet. Higher ceilings require 3 additional inches of chandelier height for every additional foot of ceiling height.

  2. 2.Bedroom

    Once you settle on a chandelier that fits the style and design of your bedroom, the final decisions will center on placement and height of the light fixture.

    If you’re adding an element of romance to your bedroom, a chandelier might be the perfect addition. Once you settle on a chandelier that fits the style and design of your bedroom, the final decisions will center on placement and height of the light fixture.


    Choose a middle-of-the-ceiling placement if you’re making a bold statement with the chandelier to provide effective lighting for the entire room. Don’t forget – people may be walking under the chandelier, so leave enough head room to do this safely. The standard height for a chandelier in the bedroom is 7 feet.


    If you’re placing the chandelier over the bed, you can hang it slightly lower, if you desire. Don’t place it so low that you risk bumping heads when getting in and out of bed or sitting up in bed, though. Test the ideal height for the chandelier over the bed by kneeling on the bed under the light fixture. As long as the height is at least 6 inches above your head, you’ve found a good height.


    If you’ve got a small table or desk in the bedroom that needs eye-catching illumination, opt for a chandelier that fits the size of the table. Hang the light fixture about 36 inches above the table for optimal lighting.

  3. 3.Foyer

    Make a bold statement with a chandelier illuminating your foyer. Your entryway will shine with beauty with the right chandelier gracing this space. The optimal height for a foyer chandelier is a minimum of 80 and 84 inches from the floor to the bottom of the chandelier. Go ahead and hang it higher if you have a high ceiling in the foyer. Just be careful – the higher the chandelier, the smaller it will appear. This would be the perfect spot for a large and bold chandelier that will make the foyer shine.

    A stairway with a second story in the foyer practically begs for an eye-catching chandelier. Just make sure the height of the chandelier doesn’t sit below the point of the second floor.

  4. 4.Kitchen Islands

    Kitchen islands are often a central location in the kitchen where meal prep and family times happen simultaneously. Illuminate the good times with a chandelier that fits the kitchen design and style. The correct hanging height is between 30 and 34 inches above the island, adding 3 inches in height for every foot of ceiling height for ceilings over 8 feet.

  5. 5.Hallways

    Don’t neglect the hallway when you’re looking for a perfect spot to hang a chandelier. Because hallways require effective lighting, a chandelier might do the job in beautiful style. If you have the standard 5-foot-wide hallway, opt for a chandelier with a 12-inch diameter. The distance between the floor and the bottom of the chandelier should be between 80 and 84 inches. Keep the effect simple and understated to avoid overpowering the tight space of a hallway.


    Once you open yourself up to the wide variety of lighting options you have with chandeliers, you may wonder why you don’t have one in every room of your home. The combination of beauty and function makes them design winners every time. Drop by the Redbeacon website for more great lighting tips, too.

Photo credit    |    Pieza Uno    |    Etsy

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