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How to Identify Roof Damage

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Roofing > How to Identify Roof Damage
How to Identify Roof Damage

You may have noticed a leak that appeared after a significant storm in your area or perhaps after a recent repair was done to your roof that wasn’t quite finished. Roof damage happens because of many different reasons, and the first step in getting it fixed is being able to identify what type of roof damage you may have. No matter what your specific problem may be, there are tons of professional roofing contractors out there who will be able to pinpoint your problem and suggest what steps to take from there.


If you want to go at this alone, without the help of a contractor, we have compiled a list of ways that you can identify roof damage. This will help you on your journey to repair your roof and make your home a happier place.

    Roof damage happens because of many different reasons, and the first step in getting it fixed is being able to identify what type of roof damage you may have.
  1. 1.Things That Can Hurt Your Roof

    There are a number of things that can contribute to your roof getting damaged. Some of them include bad storms, hail damage, strong winds, extreme temperature, ice, fallen objects, etc. Many different circumstances throughout the year can pose as dangers to your roof so you should always be on the lookout for anything that can harm it.

  2. 2.Look For Obvious Distress

    If your roof has been damaged, you may notice signs such as water spots, wet insulation or damp looking framework along with cracking paint. All of these physical signs of water damage mean that there is a serious leak somewhere and you should call a contractor or specialist as soon as possible so that no further damage can occur.

  3. 3.Wind Damage is a Bit Easier to Identify

    As opposed to water damage which can be quite misleading, wind damage is often more obvious and severe looking. Instead of trying to locate a small leak, you may see entire rows of shingles that have blown off your roof or gutters that may be misshapen. If wind damage has occurred, you will still need to contact a roofing contractor unless you know how to install shingles correctly.

  4. 4.Bring a Ladder

    Although a lot of roof damage can be seen from the ground, sometimes it is necessary to get the ladder out and climb up there yourself to get a better inspection. Even if you’ve never had to deal with roofing problems before, it is better that you look the roof over for yourself so that you have a better idea of what to tell your roofing contractor or specialist. If you have a general idea of what is wrong, your contractor will have a better idea of what kind of supplies to bring or how much work will need to be done. Always be careful when climbing ladders and dealing with heights. Never deal with a broken roof on a rainy day. Not only will the ladder be dangerous, but the top of the roof will be completely unstable – even with the best rubber soled boots.

  5. 5.Tile Roofs Remain Most Unstable

    It would appear that tiled roofs are still the most unstable and vulnerable to roof damage. These types of roofs can chip or break easily when things like tree limbs fall on them. This can be catastrophic in a storm where many things may be flying around. Tile roofs will also be highly susceptible to hail damage, and so if you live in an area where harsher weather is expected – you may want to rethink a tile roof.


    Identifying roof damage can be easy or incredibly difficult depending on the situation. It could be something like a few missing shingles from a bad wind-storm, or a leak that doesn’t want to be found that is slowly decaying your framework away. Either way, if you suspect roofing damage you should always call a roof contractor so that you can get a better idea of how to save your roof and house.


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