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How to Install a Front Door Lock

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > How to Install a Front Door Lock
How to Install a Front Door Lock

Overall, installing a front door lock is fairly easy. You are not going to have to learn any kind of specialty maneuvers but you do need a great drill, large drill bit and you need to be patient. You want to ensure the lock is strongly installed and that there is not extra space around the edge. By taking your time you can add extra security to your door and sleep easy at night.


Various cities and counties put forth guidelines for the types of locks you should consider. Albany, New York and King County both list extensive information about locks and why you should consider certain types.


Here are a few tips on installing a front door lock. You want to ensure it is done correctly so your home is safe and secure at all times.

  1. 1.Use a Template to Mark and Drill the Holes

    Most locks come with a template so you can mark exactly how large you need to drill the hole.

    Most locks come with a template so you can mark exactly how large you need to drill the hole. Once you determine the height you want the handle or the lock you can use the template to mark the circle making sure it is centered on the door.

  2. 2.Lubricate all the Moving Pieces

    You will want to spray all the moving parts of the handle and the locking mechanism with lubricant. This allows the pieces to move easily and will help prevent key jams in the future. The lubrication you spray on the interior pieces should last a lifetime as it is a closed system.

  3. 3.Set the Door Latchplate First

    Be sure it is flush and that the door easily opens and closes before you proceed. This is the area where it is very easy to slightly misalign the piece and it will throw off the rest of the lock. Take the time to make sure it is placed correctly.

  5. 4.Install the Handle

    Next you put on the handle. First, ensure that you are setting it up so the screws will be on the inside of the door. This is due to the fact that if the screws are on the outside someone can simply disassemble the handle in order to gain entrance. Next, verify the size of the hole and sand out any uneven edges if the handle is not sitting flush.

  6. 5.Verify Proper Connection of All Pieces

    Things can misalign inside so it is important to check the pieces before you screw them in. The pistons and pieces all connect like Legos, so once you have them in place it will be easy to see how the system works. You can always add an extra seal around the handle with caulking if there is any space due to a hole that is slightly too big.


    Installing a front door lock is probably easier than you think. You will be surprised and how quickly you can get it done and you may even decide to buy a full lockset for the house so you can have a single key system.


    Don’t have the time or the experience to install a front door lock on your own? Don’t hesitate to contact Pro Referral. Every one of our pros are background checked, licensed and insured so that you can hire with confidence. Read the customer reviews, credentials, and business profiles of all of our pros, and let a qualified professional turn a difficult project into a completed one.

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