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How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Bedroom > How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger
How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

For most people their bedroom is a place of refuge from the work, stress, and tensions of everyday life. A bedroom is used not only for sleeping and relaxation, but also for a couple to spend some time together. Additionally, most homes have the clothes closet or wardrobe located in the bedroom. The bedroom is also the place where people read, watch their favorite TV programs, or listen to music as they unwind before falling asleep.


As such every bedroom contains a lot of personal belongings apart from the bed. However, a bedroom that is small or looks small can be claustrophobic and prevent you from relaxing at the end of the day. Waking up to a crowded room can also make your mornings more stressful. Instead, make use of the suggestions here to ensure that your small bedroom looks bigger.

  1. 1.Bring in the Sunshine

    One of the best ways of making a small bedroom look larger is to let in more sunshine. You can do this by placing more windows. However, windows cannot be created in any place on the wall. Before cutting open a wall for additional windows you need to ensure that this is not a load bearing wall that supports the structure of the house.


    You should take the help of an architect or builder to determine which windows in the bedroom can be enlarged or where additional windows can be added. You can also ensure that the room looks brighter and more cheerful by using sheer curtains that let in more light during the day. If you also require additional privacy, you can have a second layer of thicker curtains or blinds also added.

  2. 2.Use Your Wall Space

    If your bedroom is small and there is very little floor space available for moving around, use wall space for storage. Instead of using a large, squat dresser to store winter clothes, consider storing them in shallow shelves attached to the wall. You can also add floating shelves near the bed or well above it to hold things that are traditionally placed on a nightstand. You can also wall-mount bedside lamps with flexible stems to maximize the use of wall space. Additionally, you can install wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling shelves on one wall to enhance storage space without adding to the clutter on the floor.

  3. 3.Choose Your Colors Wisely

    If your bedroom is small decorate it in shades of the same color. Pastel tones will help add depth to the room. Paint you walls a light color and use curtains a shade darker to add some depth while still providing a sense of space to the room. Color co-ordination is much more important in a small room. To ensure that the room does not appear smaller than it is, avoid contrasting color schemes when decoration the room.

  4. 4.The Magic of Mirrors

    A large mirror or a collection of smaller ones on the wall opposite the window will expand the visual size of the bedroom. The mirror will not only reflect the outdoor space but also the light, making the room appear more sparkly and clear. You can decorate one wall of a small bedroom with mirrors in complementary frames. Select a large mirror that you can use when dressing and surround it with other smaller ones in interesting frames that reflect the theme of your room to magically expand your bedroom.

  5. 5.Pick a Focal Point

    Another way of ensuring that the eye is drawn away from the small size of the bedroom is to pick a focal point in the room and attract the attention of the viewer to it. This can be a large painting in a contrasting color, a beautiful armoire, a well-carved set of chairs, or even a small sculpture. By drawing the eye of the beholder to itself, this will ensure that you do not notice the size limitations of the room.

  6. 6.Clear the Clutter

    Even if you are unable to spend on redecoration your small bedroom, you can easily make it appear larger by clearing it of all the accumulated clutter. Go through all the things in your wardrobe and shelves and discard outdated clothes and other items. This will free up space to store all the things you currently use inside the storage space, making the bedroom visually more pleasing.

  7. 7.Find Functional Furniture

    When selecting furniture for a small bedroom, stick to those with straight lines. These occupy less space than furniture with curves. Also ensure that the recliner and tables in the room are raised on legs so that the room appears airy and larger. When furnishing a small bedroom, you should look for furniture that is multifunctional. An ottoman that can help hold winter clothes and double up as additional seating, a side table that can also hold addition sheets, and so on will reduce the number of pieces of furniture in the room and enhance all available space.

Taking the time to design a small bedroom to make it look larger will enhance the value of your home and make your sleep more restful as well.


Remodeling your bedroom to enhance its space will pay off in multiple ways as you will be able to relax more easily and be more refreshed in the mornings.


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