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How to Make Your Guest Room Feel like a Hotel

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Interior Decoration > How to Make Your Guest Room Feel like a Hotel
How to Make Your Guest Room Feel like a Hotel

If you get a really good hotel room, it can be the highlight of your out of town trip. Good hotel rooms provide just the right mix of things you want and things you need. They usually include a good bed, nice sheets and blankets, tasteful decorations and access to a few indulgences like nice-smelling soaps and shampoos.


It’s actually not hard to recreate the hotel experience for guests in your own home. Traveling and being away from the comforts of home are difficult enough. Make life easier and more comfortable for your guests by adding just the right thoughtful touches to your guest room.


How do you achieve the creature comforts of a world-class hotel in your house? Read this guide to find out how to make your guest room feel like a hotel.

  1. 1.Décor


    A common denominator in most hotel rooms is that they all have a style – a kind of décor. Most companies hire professional interior designers to create perfectly-appointed hotel rooms. If that’s in your budget – hiring a pro is a great way to achieve a beautiful, welcoming room. But, even if you don’t have the big bucks a major hotel chain has, you can still style your guest room to your liking. Pick a simple theme and carry it out using simple and beautiful touches. If you like a nautical theme, find a painting of the sea, some boat figurines, and use blues, whites and reds to decorate. If you like flowers, outfit the room with a fresh vase of them and select a pretty flowered comforter for the bed. Pick a theme and stick with it to give the room a uniform, professional feel.

  2. 2.Get the Good Stuff

    Get the Good Stuff

    Don’t go cheap. Invest in high-quality bedding and towels for your guests. No one likes sleeping on old, scratchy sheets or using thin, threadbare towels. Give your guests the best to make sure their stay with you is not only memorable, but comfortable. This rule of thumb goes for the bed, especially. No matter how much fun you are, no matter how lovely your home, no one wants to endure a lumpy futon or air mattress for access to your awesomeness. Provide your guests with a comfortable bed that they will enjoy sleeping in.

  3. 3.Think About your Color Scheme

    Think About your Color Scheme

    Colors don’t just make things look nice. Certain colors can evoke certain moods. Set a nice, relaxing mood in your guest room by using calm colors like blues, pastels and neutrals. This isn’t the place to experiment with a bright orange wall or lime-green carpeting. Stick to classic, attractive colors when decorating your guest room.

  5. 4.Don’t Over-decorate

    Don’t Over-decorate

    This isn’t the place to show off photos of all of your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews. Most hotel rooms aren’t awash in knickknacks, collector’s items and photos. Not only is clutter unattractive, it takes away space that your guest might need to store his or her belongings. Give your guests space to rest and relax. Just a few nice pieces are all you need to set the tone.

  6. 5.Purchase One or Two Signature Pieces

    Purchase One or Two Signature Pieces

    Like I said, you don’t need an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink method when it comes to decorating your guest room. Just invest in a few things that add beauty. That could mean a lovely painting over the bed, a beautiful vase or an antique piece of furniture. Select one, really great, standout element for the room, and then decorate around that.

  7. 6.FAQ


    Most hotels have information in each room letting guests know about hotel policies, checkout times, room service menus and fire exits. You can do something similar for your guests. Let your guests know everything they need to know while staying at your home by printing out a pretty sign or placard. Some thoughtful touches: the password to your Wi-Fi signal, the security code for your house, or a list of nearby attractions they might want to visit.

  8. 7.Stock the Minibar

    Stock the Minibar

    Help your guests save space in their suitcase by having mini sizes of their favorite soaps, shampoos and lotions already on-hand. If you have a favorite brand of any of these things, buy a lot in small sizes and leave them in the guest room or guest bathroom for your visitor. Some warehouse stores sell toiletries in bulk amounts. You can buy them and then divvy them up into smaller sizes for your guests to use.

  9. 8.Must-haves


    There are a few must-have items that you’ll find in nearly every hotel room – regardless of the price point. They are things that people need every day. Make sure to provide these things for your guests. Some must-haves are an alarm clock, an iron and ironing board, a phone and access to outlets to charge laptops and cell phones.

  10. 9.Creature Comforts

    Creature Comforts

    Don’t forget the little extras when stocking your guest room for visiting company. There are some things that make life worth living, even if you don’t necessarily need them to live. Think about the little things you can’t do without. This could mean things like a TV, slippers, robe, or snacks. You might also consider a CD player, scented candles or books and magazines.


    Know when to steer clear. Your guests are there to see you, but they will also want some space to breathe. The people who work at hotels know how to be unobtrusive, and when to offer help. Give your guests some space to relax while they are on their travels – they’ll definitely appreciate you for it!

      Breakfast In Bed

    The number one rule of hosting guests is to be thoughtful. Think about the kinds of things you appreciate when you are far from the comfort of your own bed – and deliver those things to your guests. Not only will your visitors appreciate it, they might even return the favor when it’s your turn to be the guest!

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