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How To Make Your Home World Series Ready

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Interior Decoration > How To Make Your Home World Series Ready
How To Make Your Home World Series Ready

Celebrate the World Series with big transformations in your home. Whether your team made it to the final showdown or you’re cheering on an alternative team, you can still put out a big spread and make your living room World Series ready.


While the playoffs generally toss everything up in the air with wild predictions and unexpected outcomes, once the teams clinch the titles, it’s off to the big games. Enjoy the entire process while the playoff teams fight for final victory to secure a spot as one of the two top baseball teams of the year.


Once the big game is decided, it’s time to make your living room World Series ready. Put away your everyday living room decor and stow the boring knickknacks temporarily. This is the time for championship baseball gear to have center stage in your living room.

  1. 1.Big Screen and Sound

    Big Screen and Sound

    You’ve got no chance of replicating a World Series stadium without a big screen on the wall and surround sound filling the living room. If you’ve been resisting an electronic upgrade or waiting for just the right time, this is it. Spring for an impressive flat screen to mount on the wall so you won’t miss a single play. A surround sound system installed throughout the room will help make it seem like you’re really there in the stadium cheering on your favorite team.


    Go ahead and rearrange your living room furniture to make sure you’ve got enough seating for everyone to have a good view of the screen. Add extra chairs, if necessary, so everyone can see the screen.

  2. 2.Party Store Decor

    Baseball Ballons

    Hit the local party store to find decor galore. Your first decision – are you decorating for both teams or just one of the teams? This depends on who’s coming to watch the game with you. If you’re expecting fans for each team, include decor for both teams. If only one team will have center stage in your living room, then focus on decor for your favorite team.


    When decorating to support both teams, you might consider dividing your living room down the center and decorating each half for one of the two playing teams. Hang crepe paper streamers from the ceiling and string it across doorways.


    Find helium balloons in standard baseball designs and specific team logos. Place these balloons throughout the room and even at your front door to set the theme. Hang banners and pennants from the ceiling and walls. Inflatable balls and bats can help create a festive party scene, too.


    Don’t forget tablecloths, cups, plates, napkins and other food-related items as well. These items come in general baseball themes and in team colors.

  3. 3.Baseball Accessories

    Baseball Accessories

    Get creative with baseball accessories as you’re decorating your living room. Team jerseys can make perfect wall decorations if you pin them up in casual fashion. You could even place team jerseys onto horizontal flagpoles for a festive and colorful World Series decoration. Toss baseball caps here and there around the room. Lean baseball bats in corneraccs and add a few baseballs to create the mood. Add baseball cards throughout the room with the playing teams represented.


    Got a few favorite World Series players? Why not order life-sized stand-ups of your favorite players and stand them in corners of the living room. These guys could be guests of honor and guests might like to have their pictures taken with them. Pin up some neon signs and a few beer posters on the walls to help create a real stadium feel in your living room.


    Roll up your area rug and replace it with Astroturf to finish the transformation. Even if you already have carpeting on your living room floor, you can easily lay down Astroturf over the carpet temporarily. Astroturf is inexpensive and readily available at most home stores. Buy it in squares and cover the living room floor with Astroturf to give your room the feel of an authentic baseball field. Don’t forget to add bases, too.

  5. 4.Concession Stand

    Concession Stand

    No World Series stadium would be complete without a concession stand. Hang a flagged banner in a corner that spells out “Concessions.” Set up a table with a tablecloth in team colors. Fill a big bucket with ice and serve cold drinks – either hard or soft – or both! Buy small paper bags in team colors and fill them with Crackerjacks, kettle corn or popcorn. Serve a cake that looks just like a baseball infield. Don’t forget bags of peanuts and hotdogs, too!

  6. 5.Centerpiece Ideas

    Centerpiece Ideas

    You’ve got fun and festive options for a World Series centerpiece for a food table. Fill a tall, clear vase with marbles in team colors. Fill the vase with team pennants on sticks for a tall and colorful centerpiece.


    Another idea – fill a shallow basket with baseball gloves and baseballs. Try filling a large bowl with baseballs and stick team pennants into the balls for a colorful and rowdy centerpiece. Flowers always work, too – even for an informal World Series centerpiece. Just make sure you choose flowers in team colors to create a floral centerpiece that will work for the big game. Place a cluster of helium baseballs in the center of the table for a fun and inexpensive centerpiece.

  7. 6.Party Favors

    Party Favors

    If you’re organizing a major party, guests always appreciate party favors to take home. It helps them remember the awesome time they had at your gala event. Make a bag for every guest and fill it with baseball cards and other baseball memorabilia. Another idea, fill a baseball cap with assorted goodies for each guests.


    Of course, seeing the World Series live would be your first choice, but, with a little effort and imagination, your living room can be the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the World Series. Hit a home run with your decorating ingenuity and cheer your team on in laid-back baseball style.

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