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How Many Deadbolts Does My Door Need

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How Many Deadbolts Does My Door Need

Your home security is probably high on your priority list, keeping your family and possessions safe from harm and theft. The locks you install on all doors should meet minimum specifications and recommendations to guard against intruders.


As you’re choosing the locks for your home, visit the Lincoln, Nebraska home safety website to make sure that the security features you install on your doors and windows are adequate for keeping your home safe.


Get all the important information you need, including the number of deadbolts you need on your doors, and then take the necessary steps to install them.

  1. The locks you install on all doors should meet minimum specifications and recommendations to guard against intruders.

    1.Deadbolt Definition

    Most industry experts agree that having more than one deadbolt doesn’t necessarily add to the security of your lock system. Your entryway is only as secure as your door. If your door is cheap or flimsy, deadbolts won’t keep intruders out because it’s an easy task to kick in the door. If you have a glass panel in your door, make sure that the glass is a minimum of 36 inches away from the inner doorknob. If this isn’t possible, you’ll have to use non-breakable materials for the panels.

  2. 2.More than One Deadbolt

    Doing some research on the subject can be beneficial when taking a decision on how to insulate your home adequately. If you have a new house then the builder may be able to help you with this. If you want insulation done for an existing house, you could think of having an energy assessment done. Also, a home which is older than 10 years will need more insulation than newer homes.

  3. 3.Deadbolt Design

    Deadbolt locks older than five years probably have a pin and tumbler design, providing little resistance for anyone wanting to enter your house. Newer deadbolt locks have designs that resist picking with locking bars, trap pins and steadfast construction. Opt for a deadbolt with at least a 1-inch-long steel bolt, a strike with screws long enough to anchor into studs behind your doorframe and a box strike that surrounds the deadbolt securely. Some deadbolts even have keyless entry or double-cylinder locks that need a key to open it from either side.

  4. 4.Deadbolt Installation

    Deadbolt kits generally come with instructions and a template for positioning the different components properly. After marking the placement of the pieces on the door and doorframe, you’ll need to drill the holes through the face of the door and through the side edge of the door. You’ll also need to install the latch bolt faceplate on the edge of the door. The deadbolt itself goes into the latch bolt hole and the keyed cylinder fits into the hole on the face of the door. Screw all screws in tightly. Close the door and mark the point where the deadbolt will extend on the doorjamb. Drill the latch bolt hole in the doorjamb and create the area for the strike plate. Fit the strike plate in place on the doorjamb and screw it in tightly. Test your handiwork by closing the door and locking the deadbolt with the key from the outside. Unlock the deadbolt with the key and then lock it again with the thumb turn from the inside.

  5. 5.Better Than Multiple Deadbolts

    Maintain your property carefully so that would-be intruders get the impression that you care about your property. Trim bushes around entryways to prevent intruders from having a place to hide. Install outdoor lighting to illuminate your exterior areas brightly.


    With common sense and effort, you can keep your home secure and discourage intruders from breaking in.

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