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How Much Does a Bath Safety Hardware Installation Job Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Bathroom > How Much Does a Bath Safety Hardware Installation Job Cost?
How Much Does a Bath Safety Hardware Installation Job Cost?

Installing safety hardware is a substantial upgrade for any bathroom. From grab bars and non-slip mats to shower fixtures and seats, a number of devices can improve the accessibility, function, and safety of your bathroom for family members and guests. Depending on its type, most safety equipment can be installed by a carpenter, plumber, or handyman, but an evaluation by a professional safety consultant is beneficial in planning your project. The hardware you choose and the condition of your installation site will contribute to the overall cost of the job.

Average Prices

Scale of Installation

Though bath safety hardware may include a variety of features and devices, grab bars are perhaps the most recognized and fundamental fixtures. Your contractor must properly mount grab bars with wall anchors or directly to studs in order to ensure their stability. The number and location of the bars in your project will influence installation rates, since the time needed will increase with the scale and difficulty of the job. Grab bars are commonly placed in and around tubs and showers, near toilets and sinks, and along traffic paths. Installing a single grab bar costs an average of $92 in the U.S. Since minimum charges may apply for your installation, it is often cost effective to mount multiple bars at one time. Installation costs about $113 for two bars, $132 for three, and $148 for four grab bars.


Wall Surfaces

Safety hardware can be installed on any wall surface, though the tools used for the job may vary with wall materials. Mounting hardware on sheetrock is generally completed with a standard drill and bit, and costs about $132. Tile is a popular wall covering in bathrooms, but drilling into it requires care and a specialized drill bit, so your contractor may charge $147 to install grab bars on tiled walls. Ask your installer or consultant how mounting bars on other surfaces, such as stone and fiberglass, may affect the cost of the job.


New and Replacement Installations

Installing bath safety fixtures in a new location is generally straightforward and since the task requires minimal preparation, costs about $128. Replacing existing hardware may involve removing old fixtures and repairing walls, and could cost $152. The overall condition of your walls is an important factor in the cost of replacement installations, since extensive repairs may add to the timeline and expense of preparation.


Supplying Materials

Grab bars and other safety hardware are available at home centers and other retailers, as well as from specialized suppliers. If you purchase your hardware prior to installation, labor charges for the job could cost about $97. Your installer can supply materials if you prefer, though quality and markup may increase your expense for supplies. Installation requirements are generally similar, but the overall cost of the job may reach $204.


Planning Your Installation

Careful planning for your bath safety hardware installation can help you choose appropriate fixtures to protect the safety of your family. As you plan and budget for the job, consider how the condition of your installation site and the overall scope of the project may affect its cost.

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