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How Much Do Garbage Disposal Repairs Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Do Garbage Disposal Repairs Cost?
How Much Do Garbage Disposal Repairs Cost?

A garbage disposal is an important kitchen tool, reducing trash and simplifying clean-up. Problems with garbage disposals can lead to leaks, damage, and inconvenience, but can usually be repaired quickly by a qualified technician or plumber. The nature of problems with your disposal may help determine the difficulty and cost of repairs.

Average Prices

Location of Repair

Garbage disposals are popular in both homes and businesses, with models and usage varying with applications. Most household disposals can be serviced or repaired for $113 in homes and $113 in apartments, while the cost to fix one at a business may depend on its size and type and averages $113. Disposals used in employee kitchens are comparable to household units, but repairing commercial disposals in restaurants and food service businesses may be more costly since service may be more complex and require special or urgent scheduling to accommodate employees and patrons.


Operating Issues

The issues you experience with your garbage disposal can indicate the nature of problems and help your plumber plan an effective repair. If your disposal makes an unusual noise during operation, your repair could involve removing a foreign object, making adjustments, or replacing worn parts and may cost about $113. Repairing motor problems with disposals that emit a burning odor cost $113 on average, while the expense of fixing a leaky disposal may depend on the location and severity of the leak. Leak repairs range from adjusting clamps and other hardware to replacing gaskets or system components, but cost an average of $113. Be sure to let your plumber know the location of the leak if possible, since repairing leaks from mounting points and other connections are often straightforward, while handling leaks from the disposal unit may be more complex and require additional time, tools, and materials.


Garbage Disposals that Will Not Run

A number of issues can cause a garbage disposal to stop running, from electrical issues to jams. The nature and expense of your repair will depend largely on whether problems stem from the disposal unit or from the electrical supply, with project costs typically ranging from $81 to $157. If your disposal has power but will not operate, your technician or plumber can assess the unit for repair or replacement, but fixing problems with the wiring, switch, or circuit breaker that deliver power to the disposal calls for the expertise of a licensed electrician.


Planning for Repairs

The type of problems you have with your garbage disposal are important indicators of needed repairs. Understanding the issues you have with your disposal can help your plumber plan the time, tools, and materials needed for the job, so be sure to provide as many details as you can when you schedule your garbage disposal repair service.

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