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How Much Do Gate Repairs Cost?

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How Much Do Gate Repairs Cost?

A worn or damaged gate can detract from your home’s appearance and compromise its security. A number of gate problems can be resolved with appropriate tools and skills, restoring the beauty and function of your yard or entry. The size, material, and function of your gate may contribute to the cost of repairs, which can generally be completed by a handyman or carpenter, unless special expertise is required for service.

Average Prices

Gate Material

Wood fences and gates are subject to deterioration, and often weaken from wear and exposure to pests and the elements. Whether your gate is sagging, has rotted, or needs refinishing, repair rates average $402 for wooden gates. Vinyl gates are generally impervious to weather and insects, but can be damaged by impact and heaving. Vinyl gate repairs often involve replacing components and adjusting posts and hardware, and cost about $213. Metal and chain link gates are extremely durable, but special skills and equipment may be needed to make repairs that involve cutting or welding metal and replacing chain link fabric. The nature of damage and problems are important in determining the cost of repairs, though rates average $349 for metal and $224 for chain link gates.


Gate Height

The height of your gate can help your contractor determine the equipment and manpower he will need to complete repairs. Gates fewer than six feet tall can often be removed and maneuvered by a single person if necessary, while working on taller gates may require the use of ladders and the efforts of two or more people. You can expect to pay $178 to repair a 3’ tall gate, $184 for one 4’ tall, and $221 for a 5’ high. Gates as tall as 6’ may cost $287 to fix, and repairs on an 8’ gate could cost about $431.


Gate Width

Like its height, the width of your gate can help indicate the scope of repairs and the demands of the job. Since wide and double gates are heavier and may be more prone to sagging than their narrower counterparts, repairs often call for more substantial hardware and manpower. Across the country, repair rates average $162 to fix a gate 3’ wide, and $207 for one 4’. Repairs may cost about $284 for a 5’ gate, compared to $317 for one 6’ wide and $422 for an 8’ gate.


Gate Controls

Repair techniques for manual gates are generally straightforward and can usually be completed by a contractor qualified to work with your gate’s material. Motorized gates, however, have more specialized maintenance requirements that call for the expertise of a skilled technician. If your automatic gate needs mechanical or electronic repairs, the project could cost between $92 and $374, depending on the scope and nature of the job.


Gate Repair Service

The type of problems with your gate, as well as its size and material, will contribute to the demands of your gate repair project. Consider how easily your contractor can access the gate, hardware, motor, and controls and what type of professional you will need to address the issues with your gate or opener. Planning ahead for a few aspects of gate repairs can help you budget for a quality job.

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