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How Much Do Pet Door Installations Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > How Much Do Pet Door Installations Cost?
How Much Do Pet Door Installations Cost?

A pet door provides convenient access for pets to enter and exit your home as needed. A range of features and sizes make pet doors a practical solution for virtually any home, though installation procedures vary for different applications. A professional installation can ensure that your pet door is secure and weather tight with minimal alteration to your home.

Average Prices

Installation Types

Pet doors are commonly installed in entry doors, exterior walls, and even windows. The features and layout of your home may influence your choice of installation site to provide pets with access to the areas of your home and yard that you prefer. Installing a pet door in a typical hinged door involves cutting a hole to suit the unit and costs an average of $154 across the country. Fitting a pet door in glass requires special expertise and tools, and costs about $247 for an application such as a sliding glass door. Providing access through a wall must be handled with skill to ensure proper installation that prevents water and wind penetration. Installation prices may vary with wall materials, but average $206.


Door Materials

The material of an exterior door will determine the tools and skills needed to install a pet door and may influence the cost of the job. A wooden door can typically be altered with standard tools for about $138. Though installations in steel and fiberglass doors are similar to those in wood, skill is required to prevent damage that can be difficult to correct. Specialized cutting blades and safety equipment may be needed for proper handling of these materials, with installation rates that average $162 for metal and $177 for fiberglass doors.


Wall Materials

Installing a pet door in an exterior wall offers the flexibility to place the door in virtually any location. Preparing the site requires cutting through interior and exterior walls and may involve moving wiring to accommodate the door. Installing a pet door in a wood sheathed wall generally costs about $198, while the added time and skill needed to work with brick may cost $248 compared to $271 for stucco. Related repairs to siding, trim, or interior wall finishes may increase the overall cost of the job.


Door Size

Pet doors are available in a variety of sizes, as small as 5”x7” to as large as 15”x27”. Pet doors designed for cats are generally small and installed for an average of $118, while a door suited for a dog up to 15 pounds may cost $137. A door sized for a medium dog between 16 and 40 pounds can be installed for about $159 compared to $182 for a large dog of 40 to 100 pounds. When you select a pet door for your home, choose a size large enough to accommodate your pets but that will not leave an opening that might permit the entry of intruders, pests, wind, or water.


Supplying Materials

Many styles and features are available in pet door kits sold by retailers across the country. Your contractor can install a model you purchase for an average of $92. If you prefer to have your installer provide the supplies for your project, his markup or the use of specific brands may increase costs to $214 for an installation that includes materials.


Planning for Your Installation

As you select a pet door and prepare for installation, consider the features and size of the door as well as a good location. While fitting a pet door in an entry door may provide the simplest installation method, the doors in your home may not be situated to give your pet access to the areas of your house and yard that you prefer. If the ideal spot for a pet door requires access through a wall or glass, discuss with your contractor how special preparation or finish work may influence the cost of the job.

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