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How Much Do Pine Straw Services Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > How Much Do Pine Straw Services Cost?
How Much Do Pine Straw Services Cost?

Pine straw is used as an attractive and beneficial ground cover or mulch to protect planting areas. Professional site preparation and installation of pine straw ensures a beautiful, functional, and lasting application that will prevent erosion, improve water retention, and provide insulation to a variety of plants and landscape features.

Average Prices

Residential Pine Straw Installations

Pine straw is a popular mulch option throughout the country, as it provides a practical and natural-looking addition to a variety of landscape designs. Residential pine straw services may include installation only, or preparation that involves removing old mulch or installing landscape fabric prior to the placement of new pine straw. Residential service rates range from $35 to $92 and are influenced by the size, location, and condition of installation sites, as well as with the level of preparation or disposal required.


Pine Straw Services at Businesses

Pine straw is well suited for mulching landscape features at commercial locations, since it provides a stable layer that requires little ongoing maintenance. The size and characteristics of installation areas at businesses are often distinctly different that those at homes and influence service prices accordingly. Making special scheduling arrangements or providing larger than normal crews to complete pine straw installation after hours or with extra speed may affect the cost of the service, which falls between $35 and $92 across the U.S.


Size of Area for Installation

The difficulty and expense of many landscaping and gardening projects are heavily influenced by the size of the installation or maintenance area. Pine straw services are no exception, with the time, manpower, and equipment needed for a job directly related to its size. An installation in a small area up to 500 square feet may cost $57, while services on a large yard over 3000 square feet may cost $57.


Source of Materials for Pine Straw Services

Your landscape or gardening contractor may offer pine straw for your application, or you may choose to purchase your materials independently. Typically, contractors recommend or supply materials they have confidence in and are accustomed to handling, and may offer service discounts for clients who purchase supplies from them. When pine straw is provided by the installer, rates average $57 since having control over delivery and quality may affect the time and preparation needed for the job. Comparatively, your contractor may charge $57 if you supply materials yourself. Installation may take longer with materials purchased separately, depending on packaging and delivery services.


Preparing for Pine Straw Services

As you plan for your pine straw installation, consider the size, condition, and terrain of your yard to anticipate the prep work and time needed for the job. Your contractor can evaluate your property to estimate the material and labor required for the project, and can let you know how issues with weeding, mulch removal, disposal, or material supply will affect the complexity and expense of the job.

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