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How Much Do Security Bar Installations Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > How Much Do Security Bar Installations Cost?
How Much Do Security Bar Installations Cost?

Security bars or window guards offer a convenient way to improve safety and security at homes and businesses. A number of styles exist to suit both doors and windows, and are easily installed with standard tools. The features of your installation site and selected bars may influence the cost of the project, so consider how special preparation for the job may affect its difficulty.

Average Prices

Security Bars at Homes and Businesses

The installation of security bars is popular at both residential and commercial locations, as they offer protection from burglars in any setting. The characteristics of windows and doors often influence the cost of installation, and since sizes and styles often vary with different types of buildings, the cost of installing bars or grates may vary with a building’s use. Detached homes commonly have standardized openings, with materials readily available and easily installed for an average of $184. Fitting security bars at apartments may cost $307, since the style and size of the building may call for custom units or constitute a large-scale project. The nature of commerce and types of facilities play an important part in selecting and installing security bars at businesses, and since doors and windows may be numerous and large, installation may cost $644.


Security Applications

Security bars are typically installed in first-floor windows and doors, though they may be warranted on upper levels with exterior access. Size, style, and mounting methods may influence the requirements of fitting bars or grates on typical openings, which costs an average of $179 for windows and $203 for doors. Options for sliding doors range from hinged or telescopic bars that prevent opening the door to full sized grates installed over the existing unit. The scale of the project directly affects its cost, but security installations average $117 on sliding doors.


Types of Security Bars

Features of security bars vary with applications, but include measures to simplify cleaning, removal, and emergency escape. Mounting methods are generally consistent, but the location and functionality of your grate or bars may affect the cost of the project. Installing interior mounted security bars costs an average of $147, compared to $208 for those mounted on the exterior of a door or window. Similarly, it may cost $227 to fit permanent bars, while installing removable hardware could cost $236. Discuss with your installer or retailer which security devices are best suited for your needs in order to prevent damage to your home.


Supplying Materials for Installation

Many standard sizes and styles of security bars are available from retailers and custom units can be fabricated by manufacturers and craftsmen to suit your needs. If you have purchased the materials for your project, installation alone may cost about $184. Your installer can simplify the job by ordering and supplying materials for an average of $487. Though he may charge a markup on goods, entrusting your contractor to provide supplies can reduce the risk of having shortage, overage, or incorrect materials at the time of installation.


Planning for Your Security Bar Installation

Installing security bars is an economical way to improve security with minimal impact to your home. Your retailer or consultant can assess your home and your needs to select equipment that is both functional and attractive. The features of your home and the devices you select will influence the difficulty and expense of installation.

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