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How Much Do Sink Repairs Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Do Sink Repairs Cost?
How Much Do Sink Repairs Cost?

Problems with your sink can lead to leaks, slow drainage, and poor function. Whether structural or plumbing-related, an effective repair can restore your sink to improve its performance and prevent damage to surrounding surfaces. Understanding the nature of problems with your sink will help you determine what type of contractor will be needed for the job and can help you plan for the cost of repairs.

Average Prices

Repairing a Leaky Sink

The source of a leak in your sink will help a plumber diagnose problems and plan repairs. Leaks under your sink may originate from worn drain mechanisms, holes in the basin, and loose or damaged valves or pipes. The broad potential of repair options and the accessibility of your sink’s plumbing may influence the cost of repairs, which average $158 across the country. If a leak originates from your faucet, your plumber may be able to adjust or repair the faucet fixture without having to access plumbing for a repair rate of about $102.


Cracked Sinks

Cracks in your sink’s basin can often be mended, sparing you the expense and inconvenience of a total replacement. The location of a crack may influence the materials and techniques used to fill or patch it and affect the price of repairs. A crack near the drain or faucet may compromise the drain or fixture itself. Depending on the condition of the drain, a repair in that area may cost about $142, while mending a crack near the faucet could cost about $137. The effects of cracks outside of the drain are typically limited to their immediate area and can be repaired for an average of $118.


Problems with Clogs

Clogged drains can cause a number of problems in your sink. The effects of the clog can help your plumber determine the severity of the problem to plan an effective solution. Clogs that cause standing water or slow draining can usually be cleared with a plunger, snake or auger, though the location of the clog may affect the time needed for the job. Clearing clogs located in or beyond your sink’s trap may require some disassembly of drain lines. Depending on their severity, fixing a standing water clog may cost $124, compared to $119 for a slow-draining clog. Resolving a clog that has caused a leak in your pipes will almost certainly involve some drain disassembly to access and remove the obstruction, and carries an average cost of $214. Repairing related damage to drain pipes or surfaces may increase the overall cost of the project.


Faucet Issues

Problems with faucets can lead to leaks and poor function. Many common faucet issues can be repaired with adjustments and replacement parts, though a complete replacement is called for in some cases. If your faucet is visibly broken, repairs may cost $114 depending on the nature and location of damage. If your faucet sticks, it can likely be restored at a cost of about $92. The style of your faucet and its mechanism will help your contractor plan the time and materials needed for the project.


Sink Materials

Whether cosmetic, structural, or plumbing-related, the difficulty and cost of your repair may be influenced by the material of your sink basin. General plumbing repairs are often consistent across sink types, but installing fixtures, repairing blemishes, and patching leaks may require materials and skills specific to each material. Though the nature of damage and repairs influence overall costs, repair rates average $136 for metal sinks versus $118 for fiberglass, $152 for porcelain, $147 for tile, $191 for natural stone and $188 for cast iron basins.


Planning for Sink Repairs

As you prepare to fix a faulty sink, consider the type of problems you are experiencing and the characteristics of your sink to select the right type of contractor and plan an effective repair. Your contractor can evaluate your sink issues to diagnose problems with drains, basins, and faucets and help you plan for the scope and expense of the repair project.

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