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How Much Do Toilet Repairs Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Do Toilet Repairs Cost?
How Much Do Toilet Repairs Cost?

Problems with your toilet can lead to inefficiency, poor performance, and water damage. Your plumber can make a number of repairs to a damaged or worn toilet to restore its condition, sparing you the cost and inconvenience of replacing the fixture. Understanding the nature of issues with your toilet will help your plumber diagnose problems and plan an effective repair.

Average Prices

Repairs for Leaking Toilets

Leaks from your toilet can lead to inefficiency and damage, but can generally be repaired without complications. The location of a leak will help determine the difficulty and cost of repairs, since some level of disassembly may be required. Repairing leaks at the floor often involves draining and removing the entire toilet to replace a flange or wax ring, and costs an average of $158. Leaks where the tank and bowl meet can be caused by gasket failure, with partial disassembly required to install replacement parts. These type of repairs generally cost about $128, compared to $107 for fixing tank leaks, which can often be accomplished by replacing fill valves and gaskets with minimal disassembly.


Clogged Toilets

Clogged toilets can generally be repaired with a plunger or drain snake, though clearing severe blockages in waste lines may call for removal of the toilet or disassembly or drain pipes. The cost of clearing a clogged toilet will vary with the nature, location, and severity of the obstruction, and ranges from $87 to $146, nationally. Related repairs to waste lines or your toilet may add to the expense of the project.


Fixing Loose Toilets

A loose or wobbly toilet can be inconvenient and lead to leaks and water damage. Repairs may range from tightening loose mounting bolts to replacing a damaged toilet flange, and can cost between $78 and $196. Your plumber can evaluate the toilet to determine the source of instability and whether removal of the fixture will be required for the repair.


Cracked Bowls

A cracked toilet bowl can create the potential for injury and serious damage to your bathroom, but the complexity of repairs is determined by the location and severity of cracks. While some small cracks can be filled with epoxy, repairing more significant cracks requires replacing the entire bowl. Repair costs range from $108 to $181, depending on the extent of damage and the time needed to disassemble the toilet to install a new bowl.


Problems with Seals

Several seals and gaskets prevent water and waste leaking from your toilet and plumbing lines. When any seal fails, leaks can cause costly damage to the flooring and underlying structure in your bathroom. The location of the problematic seal is an important factor in pricing a repair, since replacing some gaskets involves simply draining the tank and fitting new parts, while fixing others, such as the wax ring, may require disassembly or complete removal of the toilet. The cost of the project may be between $124 and $207, depending on how much time and labor is involved in accessing the problematic seal.


Repairing Operation Issues

Problems with flushing and filling your toilet’s tank may be caused by a number of issues with the mechanisms inside the tank, though supply, waste, and vent lines can also affect the fixture’s performance. Your plumber can assess the condition of hardware, ventilation, and drains in order to diagnose and repair a toilet that will not flush, for an average price of $116. Toilets that run continually are typically repaired for about $96 by replacing valves and floats in the tank.


Toilet Repair Service

Most toilet issues can be resolved without complications, though the nature of problems and the scope of the repair will contribute to the cost of the project. Your toilet repair pro can evaluate the condition of your toilet and related systems to help you plan and budget for the job, though if leaks have caused damage to surrounding surfaces, related repairs will add to overall costs.

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