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How Much Do Window Repairs Cost?

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How Much Do Window Repairs Cost?

Repairing a damaged or inefficient window is a cost-effective way to restore its appearance and function without the expense of replacing the entire unit. The type of problems you experience with your windows, along with their style and location will contribute to the cost of repairs and may help you determine which kind of contractor is best suited for the job.

Average Prices

Types of Windows

Windows are available in a variety of styles, each with unique construction features that contribute to the complexity of repairs. Your contractor may have to remove part of your window to fully evaluate its condition and plan the project. Windows that can be easily disassembled can often be serviced simply, with repair rates averaging $112 for sliding windows, $107 for casements, $126 for awning windows, $133 for single hung, and $124 for double hung windows. Units that are partially or completely stationary may pose challenges for some types of repair, with bay window projects costing about $213 compared to $246 for a fully fixed unit. The complexity of work on a custom window will depend largely on its design, size, and shape, with an average repair rate of $302.


Glass Problems and Damage

While the style of your window will help your contractor plan an approach for repairs, the nature of its problems generally define the skills, tools, and materials needed for the job. Resolving issues with glass may call for adjustments or the replacement of affected panes and costs about $137 for repairing a cracked window and $114 for handling loose glass. Managing condensation between panes of glass may be resolved with some maintenance techniques, but could require replacement to ensure a lasting repair and costs an average of $186.


Structural and Operational Issues

Wear, damage, and exposure can cause problems with the structure and hardware of windows, affecting their operation and efficiency. The material of your windows, their age, and overall condition will contribute to the cost of repairs, which vary from $133 for fixing leaks to $67 for repairing or replacing a broken latch, $72 for fixing a crank, $114 for resolving pulley issues, $136 for repairing a damaged frame, and $168 for restoring or replacing deteriorated wood. Though the source of some problems may vary, the symptoms may help indicate the scope of repairs, with windows that won’t open costing about $128 to repair versus $149 for those that will not close.


Window Location

The height of windows needing repair can be an important factor in the cost of service. Windows that can be reached easily from the ground or a stepladder are easier to handle than those on higher levels of your home, lessening the time needed for the job as well as the risk of damage and injury. Repairing windows on the first story of a house costs about $182, while it may take $234 to fix a window on the second floor and $307 for one on the third. If your contractor can perform repairs from the inside of your home costs may be similar for various levels, but using extension ladders, staging, or lifts to access windows from the exterior may add to the expense of the job.


Planning for Window Repairs

Consider the features and construction of your windows as you evaluate their problems and plan for repairs. Whether issues are with glass, sashes, frames, or hardware, your contractor can make a number of repairs that will improve the appearance, function, and efficiency of your windows.

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