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How Much Does a Storage Building Assembly Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > How Much Does a Storage Building Assembly Cost?
How Much Does a Storage Building Assembly Cost?

Storage buildings and sheds provide convenient solutions for a number of applications, whether to house garden tools, store toys and bikes, or provide a workshop. A professional installer can assemble your building to suit your needs, sparing you a time consuming task that requires knowledge of construction.

Average Prices

Metal Building Assembly

Metal storage buildings are typically sold in pre-fabricated kits in a variety of sizes and styles. Assembly of these kits is a multi-step process that can take several hours and could cost between $220 and $479. A concrete or wooden foundation is recommended for most metal storage sheds, the installation of which may increase the expense and timeline of your project.


Assembling Wooden Storage Buildings

Wooden storage buildings are often available in pre-cut or partially-assembled kits, and can be customized with trim, siding, and paint to complement your home and landscaping. The complexity of a wooden shed assembly depends on its style and level of completeness when delivered, with national rates for the project ranging from $254 to $553. An effective foundation is essential to maintain the stability and condition of your storage building, so be sure to discuss site preparation with your contractor.


Resin or Plastic Sheds

Durable, ready-to-assemble plastic buildings provide a simple, economical storage option that may require less preparation than metal and wood buildings, though options for customization may be limited. You may pay between $207 and $452 for assembly, depending on the size, style, and foundation requirements of your building.


Assembling Storage Buildings of Various Sizes

Regardless of the construction style and materials of your storage building, the time, equipment, manpower, and skill needed for assembly may increase with its size. Nationally, the average rate for assembling a 6’x8’ building is $204, while building an 8'x10' kit may cost $253 and an 8'x12' about $312. It could cost $342 to assemble a 10'x12' structure and $408 for one as large as 10'x16'.


Foundation Preparation for a Storage Building

All storage buildings require site preparation and some form of foundation in order to prevent shifting, settling, and damage. Check with your contractor to determine if foundation services are included with your installation, or if they are available for an additional fee. Assembling a storage building on a concrete foundation costs an average of $300, compared to $360 for those built on wood, and $296 for brick foundations. Rates average $293 for building a shed on a dirt site, $413 on rock, and $353 atop grass. Your retailer or manufacturer of your storage building can recommend an appropriate foundation for the size and style of your structure.


Preparing for Storage Building Assembly

A number of factors may influence the cost of your storage building assembly project, from its style and materials to size and location. Be sure to address preparation and foundation requirements with your storage building assembly installer as well as any additional construction or finish materials that may be needed for the job. Depending on municipal requirements, a building permit may be required to install your shed. Be sure to check with local authorities before beginning assembly in order to avoid costly fines and potential delays to your project.

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