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How Much Does Attic Ladder Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Attic > How Much Does Attic Ladder Installation Cost?
How Much Does Attic Ladder Installation Cost?

Attic ladders provide convenient and compact access to attic spaces, helping you make use of a remote area of your home. Installing an attic ladder requires knowledge of carpentry and can be a disruptive and challenging task, depending on the condition of the installation site. A number of options ensure you can find a safe and comfortable ladder for your home, while your contractor’s evaluation can help you plan for the complexity and cost of the installation.

Average Prices

Installing a New Attic Ladder

Installing an attic ladder in a new location involves creating an opening in your ceiling, and may require some framing or system changes to accommodate the unit. Your contractor may charge between $218 and $342 for the job, giving consideration to the size of your ladder and the extent of changes that are needed to fit and mount it.


Replacing Your Existing Attic Ladder

Replacing a worn attic ladder with a new one is a simple process if changes or upgrades to the installation site are not necessary. Removing your old ladder or making modifications to suit a replacement of a different size could call for extra time and labor that increase the cost of installation. Replacing your existing attic ladder may cost from $123 to $243, depending on the level of preparation needed for the job.


Ceiling Height at Ladder Location

In order to provide safe and comfortable access to and from your attic, your ladder should be sized appropriately for the ceiling height of the living level where it will be located. Installing a ladder in a standard 8’ ceiling costs an average of $167, while placing one in a higher ceiling may require more manpower or time. Installations in 10’ ceilings may cost $184, compared to $209 for a 12’ ceiling and $284 for sites 16’ or higher.


Ladder Material

Attic ladders are typically available in economical wood, sturdy steel and lightweight aluminum models. The material of your ladder may affect the installation process, as its weight and mounting method may influence the manpower needed for the job. An average wood ladder installation costs $204, while fitting an aluminum model may cost $187. Your contractor can help you determine what ladder material is most appropriate for your expected usage and the characteristics of the installation site.


Ladder Supplier

Attic ladder or stair systems are readily available from home centers and ladder suppliers, giving you the opportunity to shop for and purchase your ladder independently. Though supplying your own ladder for installation may simplify delivery for your contractor, installation may take more time than for a model he supplies, and costs an average of $248. Since attic ladders recommended by your contractor are likely to be models he is familiar with, installation may proceed quicker and smoother than with a homeowner-supplied unit, with an average rate of $487 for labor and materials.


Preparing for an Attic Ladder Installation

Adding or replacing an attic ladder in your home can simplify a number of home maintenance tasks and give you convenient access to an underused area of your home. Consider your expected usage and ladder height when selecting materials and features for your ladder, and discuss with your attic ladder installation contractor how its style and location will affect the complexity and cost of installation.

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