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How Much Does a Barbecue Assembly Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > How Much Does a Barbecue Assembly Cost?
How Much Does a Barbecue Assembly Cost?

A barbecue or grill offers flexibility and variety for cooking family meals and for entertaining. Though special tools and skills are not usually required, assembling a new barbecue can be tedious and time consuming. A professional installer or assembler can set up your barbecue safely and quickly and have it ready for burgers in record time.

Average Prices


Barbecues are common at homes, but are also popular at businesses, whether to prepare food for patrons or for employee use and food service. The price of grill assembly is generally affected by the size and type of the unit, as well as its fuel source. Moderately sized gas and charcoal barbecues are often used at homes with a yard, deck, or patio and cost an average of $114 to assemble. Smaller grills and electric barbecues are common at apartments where residents often have limited outdoor space, though large units may be installed for common use. Assembly rates for apartment usage average $92, since the scale of the project may affect the time needed for the job. Likewise, barbecue assemblies at businesses average $208, since the size of grills used at commercial sites can vary widely.


Charcoal Barbecues

Charcoal is economical and convenient for outdoor cooking in most locations. Since charcoal barbecues are filled for each use, they do not typically require any dedicated connections for fuel or access to electricity. Models range from simple covered grills to custom built-in and multi-fuel units and cost between $72 and $119 to assemble.


Gas Grills and Barbecues

Gas is a convenient fuel for use in a number of barbecue applications, whether supplied in portable tanks or with a dedicated line from your home’s gas supply. Assembling standalone gas barbecues costs an average of $93, since they often are fitted with a removable tank that is connected simply. Built-in grills that require a dedicated gas line can be similar to assemble, but installation may require the services of a specialized technician or craftsman to integrate the unit in a cooking area. Since the scope of built-in barbecue applications can vary widely, assembly costs average $142. Installing gas lines and building barbecue surrounds will add to the overall cost of any installation and may not be included with assembly services.


Electric Barbecue Grills

Electric barbecues offer convenient outdoor cooking options for homes with limited space or cooking fuel restrictions, and are often portable for flexibility and easy storage. Though many popular models are compact, some large and high-end electric barbecues are sized similarly to gas and charcoal grills, and are useful in communities where outdoor cooking with an open flame is prohibited. The size and features of electric grills influence the cost of assembly, which typically ranges from $84 to $127.


Your Barbecue Assembly

Whether your new barbecue is a small standalone unit or a luxury built-in model, the size, fuel, and features of your grill will influence the cost of assembly or installation. Discuss with your retailer or contractor if any special preparation is required, such as installing a gas lines or building a surround, and how those services can be coordinated with your assembly project.

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